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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lesson of the day !

Lesson of the day

I was feeling down since this morning. My brain has been running with grim ideas without control- sometimes I feel that my stream of thought is hard to break- I have been searching frankly about and googling the subject that is on my mind all day.

So I thought I will need to do something to stop the stream, work is slow today so what can a workaholic do ? I grab a book – one of my favorites – that I keep in the office and randomly open a page.

My book is ( Men around the prophet ) and the story I opened randomly was about ( Obadiah Bin Al-Samet) I read it and then started to think, in relevance to my mood today what can I learn….lets see this is a man with enough connections, power and inelegance to enable him to have what ever he wanted in this life. Yet he wanted non on the fruits of this life since he had his eyes on the big prize, the eternal life in heaven, thus forsaking power and connections.

So I have to learn to keep my eyes on the goal, and use my brain to do good and move towards and prize and not run around in circles without any use. Especially about things I cannot change and have very little control on.