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Sunday, January 20, 2008

When you achieve all your dreams

I had no fear of that happening to me since I have a lot of big dreams. Thus I never even thought of the concept. Well that is till this weekend when I was talking to mom and I said if I had X amount of money, I can achieve a lot of my dreams( financial ones) and then concentrate on the other great things I would like to do.

Mom said " achieving all your dreams early is not a good thing" she then told me this story –part of a novel- of a Moroccan merchant who was not married and was very well off, one day a man asks him why don't you go to hajj, the merchant said " hajj is my long life dream, if I achieve it I will not have any thing to live for".

I may differ that since we humans always strive for more, one day's peek is the next day's bottom. But still come think of it the fun part of achieving the dream is not sitting at the top but striving up hill. For granted achieving a goal feels great but achieving all of them and not having anything to look forward to is a scary concept.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things can only get better

Things can only get better

They say once things reach rock bottom they can only get better, well I sure hope they are right. Sine I feel very sad and angry!! and all the anger and frustrated thinking left me with no energy. Funny how I had in the past month great and happy things to blog about yet I did not have the time. Now that I'm feeling down I'm making the time.

It seems that the long weekend came just in time, I have some files ready to take home and work on, but I'm really tempted to leave every thing at the office, and just kick back and relax! I think that will clear my mind and I might even change my mind about resigning. but I just can't think straight now,the thing is the only thing I can think of now is that I need a hug and a nap.

So what does rock bottom look like?