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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ramadan and other events

Ramadan Mubarak to all. It has been days since I last posted and I have a million ideas hovering in my head waiting to be manifested in a post, but alas I seem not to be able to get myself to write one whole post, I have written several drafts that never seem to be complete.

First I wanted to post about how it seems that there are two worlds out there in Ramdan, one world where Ramadan means a lazy day and then a festive night eating and drinking and Arigila the whole night, accompanied by playing cards. The other world is where people see Ramadan as a precious time that they wait for the whole year long, to them it’s the time to get closer to one self and to Allah and ask for his forgiveness and graces, they are people you see at " taraweeh". On may way home from Taraweh I pass through Rabia, where the two worlds collide people coming out of the "kaluti " mosque and the dwellers of coffee shops in Rabia.

Then I thought the above was not enough for a post, I wanted to post something about Ramadan and how a great and peaceful time it is, and about the best three hours to make advantage of, which are: the first hour of the day after fajir sinace it’s the time your " riziq" will be set for the day and being awake for it is a great advantage for you, besides praying fajir in jama3a and then staying in the masjid till day break and then praying do7a is equal to an "omrah", the second hour is the last hour of the day, since you have as a person who is fasting a prayer every day that is answered before you break your fasting. The third hour is just before fajir since it’s the last part of the night in which Allah answers prayers, but I thought this post should be in Arabic so did nothing about it.

The third thing that came to mind was yesterday while I was cleaning the book shelves with mom, well I think I will post about this some day when I have time.

I forgot to tell you, my boss has just approved my vacation it starts tomorrow and till after the Eid, so Yippy I'm so happy : ) by the way did I tell you that I'm going to Omrah this year during the last ten days in Ramdan, so if any one wants a prayer there leave me a comment.

Sorry this must be a very painful read, but I'm just too excited about Ramdan and about my vacation and definitely about Omrah.

All for now...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Time for ME…

For a while now I have been so lost in the routine of my life, that I have slowly lost touch with myself. I really needed some time to spend with myself. I tried hard but I'm always cornered ! by people who love me and care about me, but cannot get the concept that a person needs to be alone from time to time.

A friend of mine was facing the same problem; she couldn't get a moment for herself. So we decided to take a trip to Aqaba together, we both needed the time alone, this is why neither of us felt the pressure that we needed to entertain each other, or talk at all

I got the perfect chance to sit at the beach and look at the sea, feel the cool sea breeze, and fill my lungs with the amazing aroma of the sea. Hours of human silence and nature singing to me, this did both of us a world of good. We got to spend the alone time we needed, we had fun we drove all around Aqaba, even got around to shopping a couple of hours. All in All an amazing trip.

Nothing in this world is perfect, and our trip was no exception to that. But we accomplished our goal and that’s all that matters. We got our thoughts clear, reorganized things internally and got closer to each other. We defiantly had some adventures but that's another post all together.

I'm sharing some of the photos I took in this trip hope you like them

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I was tagged by Danah to do the questioner about blogging, I actually did it but I had nothing new to ad and it turned out really dull, so I decided against posting it. One of the interesting questions though was, are you happy about the look and content of your blog.? The answer was a big NO, I don't like the look.

I feel that my blog is like a new house that the people moved into, but did not actually get around to unpacking all the boxes. I still did not have a blog roll, the ABOUT section was not filled yet, I don't have categories. Ehh and no cool design.

Finally! I decided I needed to get the ball rolling, I really need to unpack and settle in. so please note my blogroll TDAA. Well its still short I read frequently a lot more blogs, but since its my corner I felt I must have some sort of a connection with the people linked there, or at least really really admire their blog. So this is the first box that was unpacked and it already looks more homey if I may say so myself : )

Special thanks to electro for helping me ad the links, which otherwise would have been impossible. Welcome Danah, Qwaider, Sarah, The Caller and Basem to my home.

Now the about section is about the blog, I'm not sure what I should say about it and thought you guys may help me with this, any suggestions ?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Three stooges

Okay, so I was out Thursday night, and I had the pleasure and pain of overhearing parts of conversations. It was so funny that I decided then and there to post about them….. This is very funny or at least was for me and very sad at the same time.

Three guys where eating out in Abdoun, near the diseased Abdoun circle and this conversation took place …

Dude # 1 : O God I so wanted to study and concentrate but I couldn't, you know it turned eleven and I still did not study a word !! I couldn’t concentrate at all even though I had the door closed and the AC on!!

Dude # 2: you know Man!! I woke up and there was no one at home, so from the (Gahar) frustration I had two glasses of whiskey (as I recall or another alcoholic beverage)

Now a little bit later in the conversation (if we can call the above conversation) and when they started the (3aret) about how they ignored their girlfriends…..

Dude # 3: you know if you want to get married it will cost you Quarter of a million JDs, and this is not for a fancy wedding, something really 3adi …

Dude # 2 : Man don't forget the pampers and milk that will follow.

During this lovely conversation I really felt like turning around and point my finger at them and laugh my brains out ….looooooooooooool that was so funny at least hearing them was.

Driving back home, I was thinking of how shallow the young generation has become, mind you these dudes were university students, not high school kids. The saying (Petty people talk about people, average people talk about events, but great people talk about ideas) came to mind.

The sad part is that the conversation above could have taken any place in Amman these days. I could not classify the conversation, as about events ( drinking the whiskey or turning on the AC for concentration), or is it about people ( girl friends and no body home ) or is it about ideas ( marriage and the responsibility of kids )

The events are petty, the talk about people was degrading and un-respectful and the ideas were very shallow. I would not comment on the honesty of the conversation since I don't really know the dudes.

How often do you over hear a part of a conversation that people were talking about ideas …books or any thing intellectual, and I'm not talking about politics since not all could be called intellectual !!

What is happening to us? We are loosing our identity. I bet any thing that those dudes did not know who they are or what they want in this life, I bet as well that none of them could answer this simple question, where do you see you're self in ten years.

All for now ….

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mourning ….

Mourning is on of the natural phases in life. Every one of us has to pass through it at one point or another during their life; it may occur to you that mourning is in the calamity of death only.

This is a common misconception in my opinion; since it could be for many reasons, in heart break, in biding farewell to a dear friend, when you lose a hope you had, when a certain phase of your life is over.

The problem is that we don't feel that we have the right to mourn our lost hopes and dreams. This is when the problem starts when we don't get the sadness and disappointment out of our systems. The frustration will be still lurking in the darkness for a long time even if we choose to ignore it. Then at the slightest bump in the road, all those intensely dark feelings we thought we have buried a long time ago spring to life in full ugly glory.

This will lead you to an even bigger darkness and more intense feelings of failure and unhappiness. Until- if not resolved and mourned truly- one day they will snow-ball in a huge monster that the fear of will cripples us for life.

I see two reasons why we fail to mourn or misfortunes, one is the false pretension of strength, the second if the false hope we cling to, the maybes may kill us if we are not careful, and pretending to be strong and invincible may lead to big a hole in you soul.

I call upon thee my phantoms…my monsters …my disappointments …my lost hopes …. All you creatures of darkness come forth and face me ….face the light in my heart …face my belief. For you all must vanish for onces and for all times to come. For even you must know that tomorrow is a new day …and a new hope.

No more Dancing …

No more watching my steps …
No more thinking who is leading and who is following
No more creative choreography
No more counting steps
No more rehearsals
No more hours in front of a life size mirror

People dance for joy, dance for love …people dance in halls and around fire …I danced for hope …but now

My feet are bleeding and I have lost my rhythm so no more dancing for me ....