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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

For each its place

For each its place

For as long as I can remember I was one of those people, who just cannot leave work at work. ALLAH knows I tried but it never worked for me. Best case scenario would be that I would think about work and receive untimely calls, worst scenario would be actually taking work home even after working for 12 hours or more.

We all know we should not do that, and that its not healthy but I could never do it. Until unexpectedly yesterday after work I was in the car with hubby and he was asking me about a particular issue at work and how I handled it, I was talking about it and all of a sudden the magical words came out, I left the office I want to forget about work.

I can't tell you how happy hubby was, and how surprised I was ! I guess after five years of work I'm finally changing my attitude, don't get me wrong I love my work and I'm the best at it, but I still would like to live my life away from it.