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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pre Eid Rant .....

People in Jordan are really mixed up on what civilization is. Really they should like take courses on what does it mean to be a civilized person. The other day I was at the mall in one of the larger clothing shops, where due to the number of shoppers you have to stand in queue to get to the cashier to pay. so I'm peacefully standing in line though I was running late, and this lady stands between two queues and cuts in !! what does your well done hair or expensive clothes mean if you act like someone who just walked in from the caves.

Yesterday on my way home I passed by one of the large grocery shops, again I had a few things so I stood in the fast lane, which by the way says in both Arabic and English 10 items or less!! can you people read, what is wrong with you ?! a nice lady was standing before me in line and she had like maybe five or six things in her basket. But the man in front of her had a cart full of things. I look at him in disbelief as he talks to the cashier saying something about an item that it was on sale and a couple of words spoken in English in an a miserably attempted American accent. What !! you try to show off that in at point in time you lived in the states, and you try to pass through the fast lane. Do you think living abroad makes and automatically civilized person, even though you act like a @##%$$ !

What is wrong with people when are they going to learn to stand in queues like normal people do? And respect other people and don't shove a full cart through the 10 items or less cash register.

I had to post this rant this made me so angry yesterday, and besides I had a root canal today so this may explain the need for a negative post to come out. Any way I really wish people in Jordan would stop being so darn superficial.

This is probably the last post for a while …so happy Eid …Happy new year …

All for now…

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I wish

I wish I was not this busy

I wish my feet were not freezing

I wish I was on a Caribbean beach

I wish I had time to put in writing all the thoughts in my head

I wish I could finish all the things on my to-do list

I wish I could not work during the year end fuss

Well I wish but still I'm here, frozen feet and piled up work

I wish you all are in a better place right now

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hail to me I'm coming

Tripping over things said

Tripping over things not said

Tripping over ideas and idealistic

Tripping over ego and ethics ….

Tripping over fantasies and philanthropy

Tripping over the new and old ….

Each fall I take makes me stronger..Helps me take another step

I know I'm tripping on my way. But more impotently I know that I will keep on walking …. so dust of the carpets and prepare the petals for me

Monday, December 11, 2006

Stoooooooooooooooooooooooooop !!

I have a headache : ( and its mainly from the work in the office building next to us. They are tearing down a long loooooooooong wall and its driving me nuts its so loud and next to my window. I cannot concentrate and I have tried every thing I know.

I think the only thing I can do now, is move to the meetings room on the far side of the office.

Me and my big mouth did I have to talk about construction workers !!

There are a couple of epidemics going around these days, the flu is one, it seems every one I know has a very bad flu, the second epedemic is steeling cell phones !! I hope I don't get any of them ...

All for now ....

Thursday, December 07, 2006

People I admire I

This morning I walk out of our apartment laughing for a comment my mom made. I see him in my face surprised from they way I walked out my bag in my hand a plastic bag with fruits and laughing loudly.

The point is this man is our door man or as we call him (7aris), so since I saw him this morning I said I must tell people why I admire our door man.

He is Egyptian, wakes up very early to wash the stairs, take the garbage out from all the apartments, wash the cars, he does this on intervals but still he has to do this every single day, one day for the stairs and garbage, the next day wash the cars and so on. Mind you he does not have all day to do that, he works as a garbage man with the municipality as a day job, and he works at a small shop (dukaneh) after hours.

I find it marvelous that he can keep all this up, at the same time he has a BA in Arabic language. We have never complained that he neglected any part of his job in our building, and since he kept both of his other jobs I'm assuming he is doing them well.

So a man away from home, living in a small room, having to juggle three jobs, which means he has to wake up at dawn every day and work all day. and still he has a smile on his face and he is always calm and quite, and he never crosses the line with the tenants.

The sad part is that I wish this was taken on by a young Jordanian man, the three jobs, this way he could afford to have a family and not to wait on his father to give him pocket money, just because he is too proud to take such a job! This makes me so angry that our young men do not have work and sit at home waiting to get a desk job, while the Egyptian, Iraqi and Syrian workers all find well paid employments in Jordan.

Did you know that the tile worker ( balee6) gets paid 30 JOD a day or more depends on their skills ? which totals to JOD 780 for 26 working days !! and our youth Jump for joy if they get 250 a month as a start salary, and the lucky few make over 600 a month after years of experience and professional training.

( the photo is of labor workers gathered close to the 7th circle waiting for work)
All for now ….

Monday, December 04, 2006

My friends and I have this habit of going on early morning picnics, we wake up for the Faji prayer, we pack up and leave on our picnic. And this what we did this Friday, thought this time we were only three but we had loads of fun. We drive around we get to a nice place we spend some time there, then we drive a pit more and we find another beautiful spot we stop to read soret al Kahf together ( since its Friday), we keep hopping around and enjoying the nice view, the great company and the fresh air.

I would recommend this to every one, being out in the fresh air at around 6 am would do you the world of good, getting fresh air, new natural scenery. In addition you get the chance to break the monotony of every day life.

We went to Wadi Al –Shita, Iraq Al-Ameer, Bahath if you know the area well its continues valley that goes from behind Marj Al-Hamam to Wadi Al-Seer.

After that fresh air we had a big apatite so we went to The Bake House, in jabal Amman for a hearty breakfast, the food is really good there, they serve an American style breakfast, and it was absolutely Yummy !

It was a fantastic Friday morning, hope you enjoy some of the photos I took : )

All for now ...

The Book tag…

So I have been tagged by Danah, its not the first tag but this is a one that is actually nice so here it goes…

فقال: (( و الله ما أبدلني خيرا منها، آمنت حين كفر الناس، و صدقتني إذ كذبني الناس، و واستني بمالها إذ حرمني الناس، و رزقني منها الله الولد دون غيرها من النساء)) فكل هذا الإعجاب العظيم من الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم بخديجة دليل على نبل وفائه و سمو خلقه، وتقديره للعقل الراجح.

So this is a paragraph from a booked called ( Women around the Prophet) by Mohammad Mahdi al Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu Al naser Al Shalabi.

And I here by Tag any one who will like to do this tag : )