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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lost in life ...

Lost in life …

Time flies… busy lifestyle ….lots of responsibilities … fresh love …fun and sun ….travel….giving back to my kin … corporate power struggles …. Career ….friends ….family ….

The list can go on and on ….but I just realized that in this list, there is no me, there is me the friend, me the daughter and sister, there is me the wife, there is me the career woman…..but no ME ! I have been through this so many times in my life. I make my mind that I want to achieve something, or in my case so many things. And then I go through the motions, with spirit at fist …then I loose touch with my self.

Its time for me! Now, more than anytime in my life this realization, resolution and determination is vital.

I need to get back in touch with me, nurse my self, nourish my soul, take care of my brain. And get ready for the challenge to come. For this one I need to be all that I am and can be.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Reminders ....

Reminders ….

For a while now I got this habit of going back to my old posts and reading them. To tell you the truth most of the time it's just because I enjoy them, and sometimes I'm just curious to see what was going on in my life during the same period last year. That got me to thinking what would my children think when they go over their mother's blog once they are old enough to understand, provided my blog is still alive by then of course.

Most of us don't know each other, so when we start to read a blog there is not preconception, and we get to know the person through their thoughts. But what would people who know us personally think when they read our posts. Well friends will not be surprised, but what about your boss ? your mom? Mostly I would find it really strange to read about my parents thoughts, ideas and emotions from before I was born.

I guess I will need to have children, and then wait for them to grow up, maintain my blog for that long and just wait to see what they will think of their mom. I wonder that will they say ……

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yes I'm still alive !

Yes I'm still alive !

It has been ages since I took the time to write a post, a lot has been going on during the time. We had an office move which takes a lot of time and energy, traveled a bit, took a long training course, for which I still have to take an exam in order to be certified. So all in all very busy!

Well it's my blog's second birthday and I did not even mark that occasion. I guess when you don't blog for a long while events and issues pile up. That you have no idea where to start to get back to blogging, so this post is kind of shoveling the snow off the driveway so you can get out.

A lot of new stuff happened during my absence …. But I will try to cover that post by post instead of cramming it all at once. Especially with my writing skills that became so rusted.

So people in case you care I'm still alive !