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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Delusion or Illusion

Delusion or Illusion I came across people who are all talk and no action. I personally I could spot them really fast. Some of them I love to spend time with them. They are what we call” 3ree9 “I have a friend who is just that and I love to spend time with him, he is hilarious but you know that nothing he said is true. When I whispered that in hubby’s ear he got the question mark of his face and started to have fun. Things are not funny though when you put your trust in someone, who you expect to be a professional, a philanthropist and a friend then turns out to be a disappointment, an insulting disappointment. Have people become better at pretending, or did I become gullible all of a sudden. I have no explanation how can people preach what they don’t practice. And get damn good at preaching and damn bad at practice. Sadly some believe that they do in fact preach what they practice… is it delusion or an illusion I no longer trust myself to judge. PS: There are far more important issues at the time,- which I’m not an expert to write about-but I had to write something so I don’t explode.


Rana said...
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Rana said...

"is it delusion or an illusion I no longer trust myself to judge"

Well...I add my voice to yours! But I truly wish that deep inside they know that they are not being honest with themselves or others. I'm sure that whenever we are not real, we must feel something from the inside, even If it was hard to admit to others. Unless we completely lost our hearts! or lets say covered them up with so many lies until we can't see things in the right way anymore!

Tamara said...

Thanks Rana :)I really do hope so.

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