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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I was tagged by Danah to do the questioner about blogging, I actually did it but I had nothing new to ad and it turned out really dull, so I decided against posting it. One of the interesting questions though was, are you happy about the look and content of your blog.? The answer was a big NO, I don't like the look.

I feel that my blog is like a new house that the people moved into, but did not actually get around to unpacking all the boxes. I still did not have a blog roll, the ABOUT section was not filled yet, I don't have categories. Ehh and no cool design.

Finally! I decided I needed to get the ball rolling, I really need to unpack and settle in. so please note my blogroll TDAA. Well its still short I read frequently a lot more blogs, but since its my corner I felt I must have some sort of a connection with the people linked there, or at least really really admire their blog. So this is the first box that was unpacked and it already looks more homey if I may say so myself : )

Special thanks to electro for helping me ad the links, which otherwise would have been impossible. Welcome Danah, Qwaider, Sarah, The Caller and Basem to my home.

Now the about section is about the blog, I'm not sure what I should say about it and thought you guys may help me with this, any suggestions ?


(Tealover) said...


:) First of all .. Congrat's on the Blogroll ... I am planning on having my own ,but until i figure that out ,I'll probably have to stick to my favorites links..

and thank you for having me among :) .. I am sooo flattered .

I liked the metaphor of the new house and unpacking stuff .. it is really true . Because once you get used to the new house, you'll do a better job decorating and spicing it a bit more to become a home..

Anonymous said...

Tamara :)
first im so thankful for finding my self into ur little sweet home ,second i do like the poste because its very true ,as usual i feel like im seeing true things in my eyes ,wish u got the point :)

Anonymous said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
Tamara..thank you,didn't expect to see me there:)

About:each one of us have a main theme..i might talk about a thousand issue but still..there would always be a main headline i keep returning to..
Think about what's yours and put it in a couple of sentences..
My humble openion: Discoveries!!
I see that in your blog...
you explore and analyse whats within in a way that makes me feel as if i discovered a defination of something i had and felt but was hard to define..
I don't know if i'm right..but that's how i see it..
have a great unpacking:):)
have you seen my new decorations??
It was so much fun exploring how to do it on my own..even though i'm a pc idiot:):)
It just felt nice..
If you want..i can give you some tips about editing style:)

Tamara said...


Glad you liked the post, hope you feel at home in my corner.
As for the blogroll I couldn't do it myself my brother helped me do it since its in HTML which I have no idea how to work with.


Welcome 7abibti. Glad you liked the post

The Caller

Wa 3aleikom Alsalam

Sorry could not check your blog in a while and for that matter anyone's blog, I will tell you all about it in a separte post when I get the time to do it.

Thanks for your kind words, you have put me in the right direction to write my ABOUT section, if any one else can help with that it would be great I could use all the help I can get.

Anonymous said...

Tamara, I consider content to be far more important than any other aspect of one's blog, yes it's nice to have something that looks "unique" in one way or another, but what counts is the quality and sincerity of what is being published that really set self-satisfaction at flaringly-high level!

I think you're doing just fine Wallahi, at last we have some diversity and truly genuine thinking that standout from the midst of mimicked personalities and replicated thoughts and ideas.

Few technical tips:

if you haven't moved your blog to the platform then I highly recommend you migrate to , their blogging platform can be highly customised and have better support for Arabic along with easier image hosting and uploading, you can also import your existing posts and comments along the way.

If this sounds like too much hassle then upgrade now to Blogger beta and you'll find much more choices in terms of customising the look of your blog, and if you have a gmail account, you can merge your Blogger account with it, if you don't have one, drop me an email and I'll send you an invitation for one.

Finally, get a
technorati account and claim your blog, this will give you a very nice tool that will enable readers to search your blog with keywords, see who links to your blog …etc do this after either of the options above.

Good luck

Tamara said...


I felt like jumping for joy when I saw your comment : ) its been a while since you passed by.

Thank you for the kind words and for the great tips I'll give them a try and hopefully it will work out.