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Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm Back …it's been GREAT

Happy Eid … Hope all are healthy and happy : )

Home sweet home …. No place like it

Loads and Loads of Work… nothing goes away it just piles up

Winter is settling in ….me happy sweet smelling tea warm blanket and a good book : )


Anonymous said...

Welcome back :) Nawarti yr blog


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Tamara :) .. we missed you wallahe ..

Happy Eid to you too :) .. and work NEVER ends .. AHHHHHH .. lol

I share same thoughts about winter warm blanket good back .. and add to that something hot to drink "Hot chocolate or tea" .. isn't rain just beautiful :) ..

Tamara said...


Thanks ..mnawer biwjodkom : )


Thanks for the kind words, happy eid to you and your family

As for work I cannot help but feel like never working again !! my perants hate for that, but I cannot help my self : )

Me love winter and summer as well but evey season has its beaty ...warm evening while its raining out ...heavenly

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetie :) ..
lol on never working again .. tell you a secret .. this idea wander in my mind all the time .. but whenever there is a challanging encounter at work , it seems to boost my desire for work more ..

I think I'll be posting something about that soon ..

waiting for more from you to read ...

Arab Lady said...

Well was going back & forth to c whether or not u came back :S
Glade u came back …look forward to reading from u ;)

Tamara said...

Thanks Arab lady for the interest : ) I hope I'll have a new post soon ..

Danah ..I will blog soon ..I hope

Feras othman said...

happy eied to you !

about da winter knocking on our doors issue , well u described best thing in winter :) hot cup of nescafe with blanket and lay down on the sofa watching a nice dvd .

let it rain let it rain :)

Tamara said...

Thanks Firas : ) happy eid to you too and welcome to my corner