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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sleepless in Damascus

I have been in Damascus for the passed two days and I think I will be here for another two days, the work we have to do is important but depends on other peoples courtesy to meet with us, and allow us to pick their brains as my colleague will but it. Thus we need to spend four days to do a two day job.

So this is my second night and I just cannot fall asleep, I have an early morning meeting, and tons of things to do yet, I'm not doing any thing besides watch TV !! this is crazy I have a good book with me I thought I would welcome the peace and quite to catch up on reading. I have reports that need fine tuning, and I always complain that at the office I keep being interrupted, and that I would love to work without the interruption. Yet her I am blogging not working.

The only thing I can think of is that I cannot function in this way, not being in a live environment, it takes a bit getting used to I'm quite busy all week and always. the extra time definitely gives you time to think and explore ideas. I'm just too insomniac to write any thing smart besides a shout out in the night.


Qabbani said...

Damascus : ( i miss it so so much...

working on what ? , i might give u help there .. :)

by the way u really should used to acclimatization with environment fast so u can do progress :) wish u all luck

Anonymous said...

when i think of Damascus i think of food and sweets......oh yahhh...good luck with work too :-)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Good Luck over there! I think you are always busy at work. But I like when it comes to travelling. Enjoy the good food :)

Tamara said...


Damascus is a great place for toursisty stuff : ) but when it comes to work it is a bit challenging can ask any Jordanian about the best restourant, or sweets shop but about how the system works ...lets say it needed a bit getting used to : )


You can say that again we stuffed our faces for four days with all the syrian yammy food and sweets

Mrs. Alramahi

Well you are right we are always busy, traveling changes the monoteny of it all ....but I hate hotels !