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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Help us help them !

At this moment I should be actually drafting a contract! But I don't really feel like it, besides all this technical writing is killing any kind of writing urges I have. So I thought I should break the monotony and write a post. Does not have to be a literature piece just something not related to work.

It feels kind of mandatory to write a post about Ramadan, every one writes one, don't they? The most exciting part of Ramadan for me is the work we do at " life makers" for the Ramadan food packages, we packed the worth of forty thousand JOD last Ramadan, and we have been hoping we will be able to top that this year.

This means that last year we helped 3500 families feel less deprived during the holly month or Ramadan. The package cost is about JOD12 and its somewhat less than a restaurant bill we pay for an Iftar out with friends, yet this small amount will help a poor family get 15 kg worth of essential goods delivered to their door step.

Well as we say help us help them !

For donations you can call these number ( not mine ; p) : 0777840 820\ 079 5351921 ) or donate directly by depositing to our bank account : Islamic International Bank \ Gardens branch. Account number : 12701

Or you can join our volunteers for packaging and distribution of the food packages, for that as well you can contact the numbers above, if you cannot help you can spread the word.

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