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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Words my friends

Words my friends

Words are live entities that I mold to vessel my ideas and beliefs, yet I pose not knowing what to say and where to start, which amazes me even more since I was never in loss for words, words actually are my friends and its common knowledge I can talk myself out of a death sentence.

I insist to be able to chisel a few words that people can understand and tell them all about how I feel … now I understand it’s the feelings part that is the problem, I can shape my ideas into words soft and powerful but my feelings when so powerful and overwhelming seem to be a challenge.

All my life I felt that my words give life to my ideas, now I see that my words may imprison and mutilate my feelings, yet again I'm persistent to say my peace. Intro or no intro I still feel helpless …wordless when I want to breath out all my feelings….with you life has a new taste …color and new feelings have been born that my old tools stand helpless to shape.

How can words describe the feeling I have, when I open my eyes to see that what woke me up was your gentle look, as you lay there looking at me waiting for me to wake up….how can they my friends give a visible entity to the feelings I get when you softly kiss my hand just because I preparing you dinner… or when I feel protected by you…loved by you.

Sitting here in surrender I say ….words may age old friends you are not as powerful as I thought you to be.


Ammar said...

Words are the last stage of emotions, they're not necessary most of the time, since most of the things you described are best appreciated and expressed in silence, friend, are the declaration..the announcement, and sometimes..expression is at its best in silence.

now, so called published bloggers might blog less than newleyweds, but that's not because they're busy, but because they have nothing to say..yet.

Tamara said...

I agree Ammar that words are often not necessary when it comes to deep emotions, but when expressed correctly it comes out so beautifully and inspiring for others, words are the photographs we take for our emotions.

And on the other subject, I cannot believe you don't have anything to say, come think of it if you wrote about the weather we will read it and marvel.