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Monday, June 16, 2008

Reminders ....

Reminders ….

For a while now I got this habit of going back to my old posts and reading them. To tell you the truth most of the time it's just because I enjoy them, and sometimes I'm just curious to see what was going on in my life during the same period last year. That got me to thinking what would my children think when they go over their mother's blog once they are old enough to understand, provided my blog is still alive by then of course.

Most of us don't know each other, so when we start to read a blog there is not preconception, and we get to know the person through their thoughts. But what would people who know us personally think when they read our posts. Well friends will not be surprised, but what about your boss ? your mom? Mostly I would find it really strange to read about my parents thoughts, ideas and emotions from before I was born.

I guess I will need to have children, and then wait for them to grow up, maintain my blog for that long and just wait to see what they will think of their mom. I wonder that will they say ……


Anonymous said...

enshalla you will have kids soon and I am sure they will like it and probably have their own high tech new blogs and look back on ours and go like: "wow mom, so retro!" :)

I don't think blogs are real personality identifications and no you are right, one could never formulate the right idea on the persons behind secreens... it just covers one aspect of that person;'s life

Tamara said...


Come think of it blogs may be something from the past that's long gone : ) it may sound something like our parent's old records in comparison to CDs

Anonymous said...

actually that is on my mind day my blog turns into a best seller!!!! harm in dreaming right?

(Tealover) said...

Hey Tamara :) !!

guess its been a while for me and for you away from the regular blogging we used to do :) ..

I like this post ... and the idea of having your children reading it later is sort of interesting ..

I'd do the same by the way , go over my posts , read them and wonder about what was I thinking writing this or that , but for most , as you said .. I enjoy them .. sort of documenting a period of life ..

I often think that i should collect all my posts on hard copies .. keep them .. its just .. a thing that is good to maintain and enjoy with your kids in the future .. and for you to re-read whenever you want to and re-live the time you wrote those posts in ..

Tamara said...


I totally agree we can dream : ) actually dreaming is very healthy


Its been so long ! I have missed you very much, we both need to stop being lazy and get back on track.

The hard copy idea is actually a nice idea. I think I might try it one day.