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Sunday, July 27, 2008



I read a lot of articles about how emotional and sensitive pregnant women can get. But never could I have imagined that I would cry because of a rude taxi driver!!

This morning I stopped a taxi and told him where I was going, he paused un happily for a minute and then started the meter, and he was huffing all the way, even though its not that close ! the meter reads usually about 850 fils. Any way when I got to the office I gave him the fair in coins since I had only large bills, he takes a look at his palm and almost screams at me as I was getting out of the car " what's this ?!" I look at his hand an apparently I gave him a 250 fils coin instead of half a JOD. And he acted as if I was trying to rob him. I was looking in my purse for a 250 fils coin and he maid this load EFFFFT sound and hit something in the car trying to control his anger.

I really have no idea what was wrong with this man, but as I was getting out of the car my tears were streaming dawn my face. I cannot believe that a taxi driver made my cry.


Anonymous said...

awww! what an ahole!! I would have slammed the door and left him, THEN cried :p - yes I act like a pregnant women with her hormones gone wild :)

it's ok, I think it's gonna be over soon enshallah 3ala kheir ..

Tamara said...

Thanks Chika I hope this is over soon , I'm just not used to being so emotional : (

Diana said...

tell me about it!
it's sooo annoying! :S
and it gets better with each month :S
but this is only temporary don't worry :)

Unknown said...'s going to get beter! I remember the 1st time I cried when I was pregnant! Me and husband played scrabble and he won! LIKE ALWAYS! but I cried :p
Give it time...enjoy yr 2nd Trimester, it's the best!!

Tamara said...


Thanks : ) I'm just hoping I don't have a break down before it all passes.


Yay its not only me who cries over something silly ; )

I', just worried if its bad for the baby since I cried last night as well?