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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pork in Pepsi

Pork and Pepsi

I was at an engagement party and a friend tells me, don't have the Coke or Pepsi that is served! I said why ? because its not healthy ? she replied " because it contains a substance that is derived from pig" I tried to convince her that not ever thing you read in the internet is a fact.In any case I decide to do what a freind has done about the Nike issue. I emailed both Coca-Cola and Pepsi about my concern. I got the answer from both. Please see below their confirmation that both brands carbonated drinks don't contain any mammal derived ingredients.

Dear Tamara,Thank you for contacting us here at Pepsi Cola.Any rumors stating that any of our carbonated soft drinks contains animal products or by-products are completely false. From time to time these misleading rumors circulate throughout the country, and it is difficult to say why or how they began. We are pleased to inform you that none of the product ingredients contain pork or animal products or by-products of any kind.Here at Pepsi, we will continue to work hard to ensure the quality, great taste and wholesomeness of our products. We hope you find this information helpful, and we appreciate your allowing us the opportunity to set the record straightSincerely,

Gail AhearnConsumer Relations Representative

Thank you for contacting The Coca-Cola Company, Ms. Al-Manaseir. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.None of the carbonated soft drink brands of The Coca-Cola Company contain ingredients derived from mammals or poultry. We abide by the laws and practices in every country where our brands are sold. This includes countries where Islam is the principal religion such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan, whose governments have accepted our brands as suitable for consumption by members of the Muslim community.If you have any additional comments, please feel free to contact us again.

JeffreyIndustry and Consumer AffairsThe Coca-Cola Company

This is my addition in investigating rumors : )


kinzi said...

Tamara The Myth Buster. :)

Good on ya, gal.

hamede said...

أنا لما حدا بحكيلي بقلو أوك و بشرب قدامه

Tamara said...

Thanks Kinzi : )


I actually wanted to prove to peopple that not everything they get by mail is valid.

Anonymous said...

An alarming video by the Egyptian Health Department on Swine Flu:

Rani said...

lol these rumors are funny

Imran said...

Hi Tamara..
Nice effort, but do you really think that thy will say "YES we have PIG in our products.." ,,,, I dont think so.