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Monday, April 12, 2010

Selfish Generosity

Selfish Generosity

I personally consider myself as a generous person, but I have noticed something about my self a while ago and watched it in other people as well. So I decided to write about it. I first noticed this the first time I asked someone (I think my sister) what she wanted for her birthday and she said cash! I did not like it I wanted to go out look for something nice fir her, then I posed to think I wanted to make her happy ,and she will be if she got what she wanted, it will cost me the same maybe even less, so why do I hate it ? I wanted to make her happy my way ….thus probably I wanted to make myself happy more than her. This is when it struck me, I’m are being selfish

I noticed this type of behavior a lot, someone will hear about a poor family and rush to the supermarket and buy them a lot of food, we don’t think to ask them what they need, and if they tell you they would rather have cash we don’t like it. Why? When it makes a lot of sense since they can make a 10 JOD more useful than we can, they might need to pay rent, utility bills ….etc

Again, we build a lot of mosques and when you tell people building a project for the poor to work in or a road or medical equipment is more needed than the fancy carpets in mosques they get offended, why ?

We are simply selfish; we do what makes us happy not what is the most needed for the others. I hope we all take a pose and think about the recipient first. Think what our country needs …and it definitely does not need more mosques. We need to create jobs for the poor, better schools , more libraries ….


sheeshany said...

I abstutootly "absolutely" agree.
We shouldn`t be generouse on our own terms, on OUR way! that`s just not right.

Thax 4 putting things into perspective regarding this issue, it was good to read and a-must-share blog.


Tamara said...

Thanks Haitham, I'm gald you agree