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Thursday, January 06, 2011

How human we are ....

How human we are ...

How can someone be with us one moment breathing living loving and all of a sudden with no preparation leave. I like to believe, no I believe that they start a new and fresh life a form of life we cannot imagine, they just move on the natural next step of life. I guess we get prepared for this day in a way or another, but the idea and the pain is so profound to conceive and understand that we choose to ignore it in the hope that it will not happen to us or to the ones that we love.

I guess we get put face to face with our weakness and humanity, it’s a humbling experience. In a strange way it is empowering to know that we can handle pain and we can find hope and life and happiness even in the darkest of times. This makes you think of how this life will never be perfect, and how we need really to count our blessings. My daughter and my husband have helped me in so many ways, that now the small things are put in perspective. You get to see and feel first hand the marvel of humans …the marvel of the creation. The marvel of the creator

Feelings have a force so strong so universal, language imprisons feelings its like trying to fit the sea in a jar, you attempt to take the feelings and memories of the happy times near the see, by picking a few rocks or shells or some salty water. But it cannot be the same it’s a small and trivial part of what sea actually is.

Words fall short, I wish I had a better grasp on words and language that I could use them to express what I feel inside maybe it could release some of the pressure inside. I wish my word and prayers could turn into angles that will travel the skies and depths of the earth and carry my message of love and gratitude. I wish I could in some way some form help you and be with you…I wish I can send you some of the love you so generously surrounded us with. I wish and I wish and I pray and I miss you and love you


sheeshany said...

words fall short but prayers reach up.

such is life!

Tamara said...

That is so true