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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

To the fountain of love

This is one of the hardest things I had to write in my life. And I say I had because there is a burning feeling that is compelling me to write something about her.

Dear mother …its so hard to live without you, without your warmth and love. I could not expect- being such an independent person as I am- that I would be missing you so much. So many times I wish I could just see you for one more time. To see the love in your eyes. You have given me so much in my life, more than I ever gave you credit for, more than I thanked you for. I know you lived your life trying to give us the things that you never had and wished you had, and you died with us having a lot and you having nothing. I have hope against hope and belief against belief that you are in a better place.

I don’t feel like my self ..I feel like a little girl that has lost her mother. What is keeping me sane is the promises of seeing you again, and that you are some place happy.


Unknown said...

Tamara, I'm sure she is in a better place, Insha'Allah, knowing that she had raised the beautiful woman you are today. Allah yir7amha ou yij3al mathwaha il janneh...
Beautiful words, made me teary :(

sheeshany said...

الله يرحمها

كلام و الله جميل و كذا حزين
الله يجمعك فيها

و يصبركم

Ammar said...

Tamara, I just realized the bad news and I'm not sure if this is recent or if it's been a while, please accept my deepest condolences, I'm certain that she's in a better place inshallah, and that she will always be as close to you as you were close to her when she carried you, weird choice of expression but I'm always baffled with motherhood, and its God given mysteries.

Allah yer7amha wo ysaberkom

Tamara said...

Dear Nido

Thanks for the warm feelings :)please pray for her

By the way what happened to your blog ?


Thank you so much


Thank you for your kind words, she passed away two months ago, and this is the last picutre I took for her. please pray for her

Unknown said...

Allah yir7amha ou yi7sin ilha...ou yijma3kom sawa bil janneh :)

as for the blog, we went private, better this way inshallah :)

rare said...

Tamara, mashalla u r a stong person to get ur feelings and words out in that moment.

Alla yer7amha, this is life we r here to pass this short life, inshalla you'll all gather with her in heaven. take care

Tamara said...


Thanks dear for your kind words

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