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Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Fool among experts

I have no words to describe what is going on in Lebanon, nor can I describe my feelings towards the entire political situation. But what I felt I really needed to talk about is the general knowledge in politics by the general public!!

I was having dinner with my parents and some family friends, the talk on the table …Politics! This I could understand from veteran politicians and activists. Even if I don't agree with them.

I went to the salon and the talk of the day as well is politics, what's going on in Lebanon, I got the pleasure to hear salon workers, who I doubt finished high school, analyze the political situation and the economical and social impact of the current offence on Lebanon.

I was at this place with university students- still not graduated- and yes you have guessed, they as well have their own opinions. but don't look at the specifics here, I bet you used a taxi, the driver of which gave you his view on the matter, as well as the man in the Dukaneh.

Is it just me or does not politics and political analysis need experts, people who at least know history, economics, and some kind of a political knowledge, I bet most of the people providing these analysis, don't know the political history of Sudan or Iran or any other Arab country except their own. Most of which cannot even name most of the Arab presidents, kings and princes.

What frustrates me is that every one is a political expert; they all know the motivations of all the parties involved, they all know why …every one knew this will happen. Every one has the true numbers of Huzb Allah's weapons. they all know it all and more than the real experts and actual politicians.

I guess I'm the only one who is totally clueless …Alas I'm the fool among experts.


(Tealover) said...

Tamara ..I can see your point .. but again, I cannot blame people here for acting as political experts .. living in an area that has witnessed lots of political situations and turbulence , that has been going since the last century .. people here have inhaled the political knowledge to saturation as they grew up .. because every year you have a number of incidents that take place and make it hard for the people to forget .. I don't think they are acting as experts .. it has only became a nature of the people of this area to be involved in political matters as they have to go through it every day of their lives .. because everything that happens around the Levant area is connected one way or another ..

Tamara said...

Well Danah

for me that explains the interest the emotion and even not believing the officials

But the attempt of political analysis i.e. the motives ,what happens next who did what. that's what most illiterates cannot comprehend and yet attempt to and think they do.

(Tealover) said...

I am guessing they vent their frustration with going into analysis of situation .. which can be illogical most of the time .. which why again I can see your point .. but still cannot blame them .. having to go through something on a daily basis can tempt anyone to get involved in discussions about it .. and form some kind of an explanation or analysis .

Tamara said...

I kind of see your point. put still am amazed by it.

Anonymous said...

3adi ...what's new? Everyone is opinionated EVERYWHERE in the world
This is the pulse of the street ...
But the funny thing is that 85% of all the people are political leaders, 10% are Prophets .. and 5 .. are actually gods

Tamara said...


شر البلية ما يضحك

I have nothing against the pulse of the street, it is okay to venerate the anger we have built inside of us, I can understand anger and frustration.

But pretending to be Political experts or beliving to be so, is what tics me off.

Anonymous said...

Get used to it Tamara :)
I remember 1990's when I used to take a taxi. I would hear all about Saddam strategy and how he's going to win the war because A).... b) .... c)... and ... Mishan allah nazzelni ...