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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Salad theory and some of my Favorites (to Eat and drink)

I came home late last night after watching Pirates of the carbine, the thing that I was thinking on the way back is, I would love to have some "batee5" before I go to sleep. That is exactly what I did! Did I ever tell you that I absolutely LOVE water melons; they are my favorite fruit and if I was asked would I rather never eat chocolate again or batee5, I will give up chocolate in a heart beat.

I thought it would be fun to post my favorite stuff to eat and drink. Realistically I cannot fit my favorite things from all categories in one post.

So here you go ….

# 1, Batee5
#2, Bandora ( tomatoes) they are my favorite vegetable" I know they are fruit " I love them in any form or shape.
#3, Tea, plain black, flavored, green tea, green tea with flavors as well.
#4, Salt…don't be surprised I love salt I cannot have a meal without adding extra salt to it, I love every thing salty, including the sea : )
#5 chocolate
#6 Jarjeer " Rocolla or Rocca " I love this salad, Italian way or plain old Jordanian way.

This is the list individual items I love, in general I love fruit and fresh veggies, Italian food, and Salads. But I tried to mention individual favorites not food groups.

On the food issue, I would like to share a theory I have, people are either SALD people or SOUP people. I have noticed from the people I know that the people who really love soup don't really care for salads, meaning that they will not miss if it was not there, and salad people on the other hand don't mind never having soup. There are exceptions of course but this is what I have noticed, I crave salads but could care less about soup. so what are Soup people or Salad people ?

This is not the right subject before lunch : ) …I must go out for a salad.

All for now


(Tealover) said...

I only love summer because of water melon .. it is the most delicious fruit for summer time .. want my advice , try to have water melon and some slices of Jobneh nabelsieh (or any white cheese) .. perfect dinner .. or even lunch !
Hey Tamara :) ..
I love salads .. my favorite is a wanna be Greek salad .. iceberg lettuce , and very slim slices of tomatoes and green mild pepper , chopped white or nabulsi cheese , diced green olives .. and then the dressing of vinegar ,lemon, olive oil , salt, black pepper and some mustard .. YUMMMMMMY .. try it o ed3eeli :D ..

(Tealover) said...

ah .. one more thing to add .. as my nickname suggest i am a tea lover .. mostly plain and green are my favorites ..and only the ones falovred with natural herbs , I simply crave for choclate and ice cream in chocolate flavor .. I have to say .. I agree with alot of what came into your list !

Tamara said...


Girl we like the same food, I love the way you called it " wanna be Greek salad " true the original has the famous Greek feta cheese.

I cannot even start on the batee5 I LOVE IT to the core.

I just came back from lunch and my only salad plan went down the drain !! I went to apple Bees don't they have yummy food and humongous portions. my nutritionist will throw me out of the window: D

If you like tee...try the twinning green tea and mint. absolutely marvelous

(Tealover) said...

lol . you should've told me .. i work a minute away car drive from Applebee's .. lol could've met you for lunch .. since I have no appetite for work today !
green tea with mint thats a good choice .. i add mint leafs to my green tea cause the ones i have are the plain green tea type :). .. lots of trouble .. heheh .. I should go for the twinnings green tea with mint ..

Tamara said...

Oh really I work close as well in Um Utheina ...I about 10 min by car or less depending on the traffic, next time will let you know I'm there :D

(Tealover) said...

hehehe ... Good idea =D ..

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara,

I don't like watermelon... I love cherries, strawberries, pineapple, and I LOVE avocado! yummy!

Tamara said...


Great to see you at my corner : D

I agree with you on cherries and pineapple : ) the rest not so much..but I still find it strange you don't like watermelons : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks ... I like it here!

You don't like avocado??

Watermelon is something I don't crave...It doesn't do anything for me :D

Tamara said...


Basically I like all fruits with a few exceptions…but the one I'm crazy about is watermelon.

I hate " jawafeh" I hate its smell ..

Don't be a stranger : ) keep coming back