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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Grand Escape

During the years I have faced some bad and stressful times (Haven't we all). At times the circumstances need far more courage than I have at the time to deal with, or need more inelegance to solve the problems than I have. So the mind tends to try and escape …

Sleeping is one of the forms of escape, especially in your teens. We tend to escape thinking of our problems, by sleeping assuming that we have to wait out the storm, which is usually a misconception and at the end we have to face the demons.

Drinking and Drug abuse are also escape mechanisms, much alike to sleeping your mind ceases to function and thus unable to think about all the bad things going on in your life. So your feeling better …well that is until you wake up the next morning.

Work, this is my favorite during this time, I tend to concentrate more on the work on hand, so I will not have the time to think about the things that are too painful to think about. This one of the reasons I think we bury our selves in work !!

Denial which is simply ignoring the problem and pretending it does not exist. In a way it is close to the ways mentioned above, since as well it is in the class of ( not to think of it).

Another type of escape is when we feel crappy about something in our lives, so we look for comfort and satisfaction in something else, like over eating and you have heard of comfort foods !! or partying all the time or even at times over exercising.

These are the forms of escape I have noticed, please if you know any other forms please let me know. You might think why did I post about this ? well I think the problem in many times that we don't know what we are doing, with the sleep for example you would hear people say " I don't know what's going on I just feel tired all the time " its not that they thinking well I have this big problem I will go hibernate till it passes by itself !!

The problem is that most of these things come naturally, and I think facing that will be the step in the right direction, in taking control of our lives.

All for now ....


Anonymous said...

Sorry Tamara, I've been away for a while...
There are many signs of depression (what you called escape, probably to beautify the actual word), substance abuse, or actually any sort of abuse (over sleeping, under sleeping, over blogging ;-) all are signs ... hints .. you subliminal self is telling you ... warning you ... screaming at you to know that things are not alright.
But....... Are there solutions?
I wonder

Tamara said...

No worries Qwaider you know you are always welcome

I agree that our system is giving us messages that there is something wrong, and if we escape dealing with that in any kind of way, we will be at higher risk of depression, the ways we choose to escape our reality will sure enough determine the way will handle depression. This is why I used the term escape because I believe that depression comes after a long time of self neglect.