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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Post "Tangled" …

Since I wrote "Tangled " it seems that everything in my life got so tangled !! I have officially jinxed myself

At work, we have an audit going on, and if you have ever been in a five mile radiance of an audit you know they are NOT pleasant; there is always this one piece of paper that is missing. Ahhh so not happy times at work.

Decisions, I have to make two major decisions that are kind of "tangled" together. The first is that I'm considering changing my job, I have an interview that is promising this week, I hope it works out! Two is that I'm thinking of buying a new car and I cannot make that financial decision before I know where I'm going to work and how much I will be making.

Things are so tangled at work – besides the usual busy- and on a personal level, in life unfortunately there is no quick and easy solution!! I wish there is a key in life that says ( Solve All Problems).

On another note, I really miss Amman in the winter, all the tourists have gone home, streets are emptier and you can actually have a pleasant meal out without obnoxious kids and Khaliji men!!

Soon I will post something serious I just wanted to let you people know that I'm alive and still TANGLED.

All for now .....


(Tealover) said...

LOL .. you simply mentioned two things that I have major problems with :

1.Decisions .. I am such a horrible decision maker .. I can never make myself take the decision right now and right away, i am always mixed up between two choices .. Gosh.. I hate that about me , there are things with a straight answer that I can't handle sometimes ,and on personal level , I am a mess ..
2. Winter .. hehehe Tamara THANKS .. someone is hearing me .. I always loved both seasons summer and winter.. but since I started working after university, I crave for winters .. suites me better .. no cars jam , no crowds of people everywhere you step , no noise , no pollution, no sweat smells arghh , .. only peacefulness .. dimmed lights and short day times , which gives you plenty of calm evening and nights .. winter mornings are the best .. with misty horizon a head .. and fairouz's voice chanting softly in the background .. hehehe I think I should be posting something about that !

I guess I got carried away .. I simply feel like I know what you are talking about ..

One more thing .. good luck with you upcoming interview ;)

Tamara said...


You made me miss winter more than I already do ...eh2 eh2 eh2

As for decisions I usualy have no problem with them, even in work I need to make decisions all the time ...I tell you there is something wrong with me these days ...