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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ramadan and other events

Ramadan Mubarak to all. It has been days since I last posted and I have a million ideas hovering in my head waiting to be manifested in a post, but alas I seem not to be able to get myself to write one whole post, I have written several drafts that never seem to be complete.

First I wanted to post about how it seems that there are two worlds out there in Ramdan, one world where Ramadan means a lazy day and then a festive night eating and drinking and Arigila the whole night, accompanied by playing cards. The other world is where people see Ramadan as a precious time that they wait for the whole year long, to them it’s the time to get closer to one self and to Allah and ask for his forgiveness and graces, they are people you see at " taraweeh". On may way home from Taraweh I pass through Rabia, where the two worlds collide people coming out of the "kaluti " mosque and the dwellers of coffee shops in Rabia.

Then I thought the above was not enough for a post, I wanted to post something about Ramadan and how a great and peaceful time it is, and about the best three hours to make advantage of, which are: the first hour of the day after fajir sinace it’s the time your " riziq" will be set for the day and being awake for it is a great advantage for you, besides praying fajir in jama3a and then staying in the masjid till day break and then praying do7a is equal to an "omrah", the second hour is the last hour of the day, since you have as a person who is fasting a prayer every day that is answered before you break your fasting. The third hour is just before fajir since it’s the last part of the night in which Allah answers prayers, but I thought this post should be in Arabic so did nothing about it.

The third thing that came to mind was yesterday while I was cleaning the book shelves with mom, well I think I will post about this some day when I have time.

I forgot to tell you, my boss has just approved my vacation it starts tomorrow and till after the Eid, so Yippy I'm so happy : ) by the way did I tell you that I'm going to Omrah this year during the last ten days in Ramdan, so if any one wants a prayer there leave me a comment.

Sorry this must be a very painful read, but I'm just too excited about Ramdan and about my vacation and definitely about Omrah.

All for now...


Dar said...

Ramadan Karim to u , o 3omrah maqbooleh inshallah , and what is better than to have a vacation in Ramdan , u can enjoy it to the max :)
kol 3am o enti be5eir


(Tealover) said...

Tamara , reading your words is always a pleasure and joy , never causes pain or distress =) .. first to be said , mabrouk for the vacation and for the Omrah , your words are so transparent the it made it easy to sense you utter happiness =) .. I have to say , Iu envy you but in the good sense "3'eb6a" , it is such an honor that you definitely deserve you be able to visit the land of Prophet Mohammad SAAW during the most precious days in the year , the last days of Ramadan .

You got it right regarding the two worlds out there in Ramadan , you were absolutely right by all means .

And thank you for bringing up this precious information about those 3 hours of Ramadan.

look at that .. that was a long comment :) i can't help it ..

May Allah bless you , and fill your days with happiness and prosperity (both soul and financial-wise) , don't forget us from your generous prayers when you are in the land of our prophet and in the house of Allah :)

Tamara said...


welcome to my corner, Ramadan Kareem to you too, \thanks for the nice words and believe me I know how lucky I am al7amd lilah

Danah sweety

I'm glad my post was not a pain for you : )I'm in hurry so I just I wanted to say thanks for passing by and I will remember inshala to pray for you.

abdullah aggad said...

Ramdan kareem as well
And 3omra mubaraka enshalah
I am excited about Ramadan to and hope tp get the max out of it
I am sad though because a lot of people don’t respect the holy month and I am preparing a post about that
Any how
I would like also to invite you to my humble blog” “, and would be so pleased to know what you think about it.
Please take the time to go over it and tell me what you think
Thank you , and hope you will enjoy my blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister,

First I need to remind you to make du3a2 for me that Allah strengthens my Iman, make me die as a Muslim, and forgive my sins. That is Amanah attached to your neck.
Second, you chose the best time for 3umrah, so I ask Allah to accept it and reward you for it.

I was waiting for some one to write about that issue because that is one issue that puzzles me a lot. Just how the media present Ramadan, with “Kahyma Ramadaniah”, and that kahaymah is full of sins against what Ramadan stands for, as all what are being done in it are 7aram. Some will mix the 7aram with some aspects of da3wah and worship. That is so cheap technique to escape the accountability. We all should be against such practices and not be quiet about it.
The mafsidyoon, on the other hand compete in this month to bring the best entertaining show and play it in the time of iftar or just right after so people's mind will be with it while they pray if they go to the Masjid to start with.
Hatha min 3amal alshytan, and I wonder how Allah is patient with us and not destroy us because of sins that we insist on doing every Ramadan, as if we challenge Allah

Hadana Allahu Jamee3an lil7aq

Tamara said...

Abdulla Aqqad

Welcome to my corner, I promiss I will check your blog when I have a bit more time on my hands.

I like the spirit of maxing on Ramadan, you are so right we need to get as much out of it as possible


I will inshala A3ilak, and you said it all some do their best for people to loose Ramadan, mind you the shayateen are chained all Ramdan and we still manage to do all those sins...

Thanks for the kind words

Anonymous said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
dear tamara..mabrooooob 7abebty..
please ed3eely allah yo7sen khatematy..yaghfer le oo yebarek be awlady..
you deserve all the best..
mashallah 3aleeky..3omrah maqboolah.

Feras othman said...

Bsara7a ur blog is wounderfull ,first time i visit asnd for sure it wont be the last .

ramadan kareem for you and all of the muslims in jordan and all over the world

thanks for the precious informations u adviced us with .
may god accept our prayers and fast and 3omrah mubarakeh inshallah

will be glad if u visit my blog and left your signature there .

Arab Lady said...


Ramadan Kareeem eno ra7 tro7iii 3omra...Mashala..but Take care dont get lost in the crowd :P

Yalla Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Tamara :)
enshalllah 3omra mbarakeh w ma2boule ya rab alllah ya3tike kel el kheir w yet2abal mennek w men el jami3 sale7 el a3mal Aaamin ya rab :)
glad for you walllah and miss ur presence
hope ur fine and enjoying ur holidays
be fine habibte

Osaid Rasheed said...

i wanted to say happy eid and ramadan kareem

Anonymous said...

Hey Tamara :) .. kol 3am o enti bekhair o ahlek welli bet7ebeehom bekhair wesse7a welsalameh .. yen3ad 3aleeky :) ..

Miss you ya benet :) .. waiting you after Eid to update us on your news .

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the next post ... yalla .. ishta2nalek! :(

Tamara said...

Dear All

I have missed you all and I have missd my corner, I can't wait to blog again.

I have remembered you while there and prayed for you, hope you too did not forget me in this long absence.

Need to get things in order again after traveling but I'll be back very soon