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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Three stooges

Okay, so I was out Thursday night, and I had the pleasure and pain of overhearing parts of conversations. It was so funny that I decided then and there to post about them….. This is very funny or at least was for me and very sad at the same time.

Three guys where eating out in Abdoun, near the diseased Abdoun circle and this conversation took place …

Dude # 1 : O God I so wanted to study and concentrate but I couldn't, you know it turned eleven and I still did not study a word !! I couldn’t concentrate at all even though I had the door closed and the AC on!!

Dude # 2: you know Man!! I woke up and there was no one at home, so from the (Gahar) frustration I had two glasses of whiskey (as I recall or another alcoholic beverage)

Now a little bit later in the conversation (if we can call the above conversation) and when they started the (3aret) about how they ignored their girlfriends…..

Dude # 3: you know if you want to get married it will cost you Quarter of a million JDs, and this is not for a fancy wedding, something really 3adi …

Dude # 2 : Man don't forget the pampers and milk that will follow.

During this lovely conversation I really felt like turning around and point my finger at them and laugh my brains out ….looooooooooooool that was so funny at least hearing them was.

Driving back home, I was thinking of how shallow the young generation has become, mind you these dudes were university students, not high school kids. The saying (Petty people talk about people, average people talk about events, but great people talk about ideas) came to mind.

The sad part is that the conversation above could have taken any place in Amman these days. I could not classify the conversation, as about events ( drinking the whiskey or turning on the AC for concentration), or is it about people ( girl friends and no body home ) or is it about ideas ( marriage and the responsibility of kids )

The events are petty, the talk about people was degrading and un-respectful and the ideas were very shallow. I would not comment on the honesty of the conversation since I don't really know the dudes.

How often do you over hear a part of a conversation that people were talking about ideas …books or any thing intellectual, and I'm not talking about politics since not all could be called intellectual !!

What is happening to us? We are loosing our identity. I bet any thing that those dudes did not know who they are or what they want in this life, I bet as well that none of them could answer this simple question, where do you see you're self in ten years.

All for now ….


أبو دواة said...

Dear sister,

Surely, I uphold (2o2ayed)your idea that our generation's ideas are so shallow that I've no true friends, neither boys nor girls actually!

But how about ourselves ??

I mean how to be changed to the better .. internally before externally ??

(sorry for my weak English)

Anonymous said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
The first and best learning tool that man ever had was observation..
it make us think,re-evaluate and decide to maintain some depth in our lives..
They won't discuss an idea because they don't have any..about anything..people are absorbed in one thought..comfort..why?
they just can't take the pain of knowing and taking actions..shallow is our world now,and shallow they will be..
The first question towards finding profound meaning in life is:
why was i created?

thanks for sharing your thoughts..

Tamara said...

Bolbol hayran

Your English is fine, but if you feel better commenting in Arabic I have no problem with that.

As for the subject, I do agree that we should start with our selves before we talk about others, but we live in this society and we cannot but notice the things that are going on. And this helps us be better people.

The Caller

Wa 3aleikom Alsalam

I totally agree with observation is very important if you want to learn, my mentor always says that people are the true books I learn from ( well a bit more eloquently ) but the point stands that we can learn from observing human behavior, and we can learn a lot by observing our selves and being true to our selves.

And I totally agree, if we know why we exist we will know where we are going and how….but this needs a new post.

(Tealover) said...

Tamara .. Doesn't it feel that it's more like light years that separates us from the younger generation than a few years? especially here in Amman .. Gosh , I remember my university days , and they were nothing like the present .. I am not sure if we are being hard on judging them , that we have grown more now and got more experienced in life , or if it's really them being overly shallow ..

Hey .. I bit you were at Gerard's ;)

Tamara said...


I don't think we are being harsh on them ...I mean shallow is shallow no matter how you look at it...but to tell you the truth for me male Air Heads are worse than female Air Heads ...

And close ...I was at day3a : )

(Tealover) said...

I guess .. yeah .. these is a huge CLOUD up their heads , keeping the reality of life hidden .. well they'll have to be struck with it one day or another ..

أبو دواة said...


لكن لا ننسى قول القائل
أقم دولة الإسلام في نفسك تقم على الأرض
أنا والله أقول هذا الكلام لنفسي .. لأني أروج لمبادئ كثيراً ما تخليت عنها

نسأل الله الثبات

Anonymous said...

Tamara :)
have a good day habibte