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Monday, September 18, 2006

Time for ME…

For a while now I have been so lost in the routine of my life, that I have slowly lost touch with myself. I really needed some time to spend with myself. I tried hard but I'm always cornered ! by people who love me and care about me, but cannot get the concept that a person needs to be alone from time to time.

A friend of mine was facing the same problem; she couldn't get a moment for herself. So we decided to take a trip to Aqaba together, we both needed the time alone, this is why neither of us felt the pressure that we needed to entertain each other, or talk at all

I got the perfect chance to sit at the beach and look at the sea, feel the cool sea breeze, and fill my lungs with the amazing aroma of the sea. Hours of human silence and nature singing to me, this did both of us a world of good. We got to spend the alone time we needed, we had fun we drove all around Aqaba, even got around to shopping a couple of hours. All in All an amazing trip.

Nothing in this world is perfect, and our trip was no exception to that. But we accomplished our goal and that’s all that matters. We got our thoughts clear, reorganized things internally and got closer to each other. We defiantly had some adventures but that's another post all together.

I'm sharing some of the photos I took in this trip hope you like them


Anonymous said...

tell u something Tamo bidoun ma tez3ale ?:)
I envy you ,i wish i can find a day off without any responsibilities or duties ,a day just for my fiance and me :( ,its hard ,we have an internet cafe u can imagine an internet cafe no 5 minutes alone :s,and i work in the morning even at night we cant talk ,this is life ,this is our routine ,wish we can escape for 24 hours at least from everything ..
i enjoyed ur day Tamara ,u deserve all the best habibte
be fine my friend

Tamara said...

Dear Sarah

Don't be jealous I'm like every one else in this crazed world struggling for a moment of peace and tranquility will never be done just back up and leave for a day or at least take a day of put some one on charge at work for once and spend the whole day with your fiance. believe me the world will be still spinning the next day and life will go on but you will be feeling better.

How do you like the photos ?? I took them myself : )

Anonymous said...

hi Tamo wallah mesh bi 2ide i felt jealous sis :) ma beddek el 7a2i2a tayeb wallah this is the truth :)

im sure if i took a day off the world will stay the same but as for our net cafe who will stay all the day ?:)u cant imagine if we leave it for one hour for a quick lunch or something like that we return to find a misery happened in the shop bisharafek tkhayale el wade3 :D
ba3dein of course i loved the pics ktir 7elwin habibte ,glad 4 u habibte wallah :)
Tamara u`re tagged tfadale do it as soon as possible :D

take it from here :
enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

you touched me where I need to be.
Its so hard to leave and be alone, just you and Allah in the right setting with no interference. I need that so much, a place away from people, just me contimplating the creation and the beauty of nature that Allah created, and praise my Lord Allah with my heart and tongue. Cry with no one looking as I confiss to him my weakness for being 3abdun Abiq. I want those moments sooooo bad, and I need the place as bad. As i write this I realized why our beloved prophet went to ghar 7ira2

Tamara said...


Ya siti 5alas '3ari mafi moshkeleh bitla3lek : ) ma baz3al

You know your life better than I do, but I just wanted to say that sometimes its worth the trouble to take some time off for your self : )

Me Tagged !! I'll see inshala later on today.


True I think we all need some alone time, and I too can see why Prophet Mohammad PBUH spent the long days and nights in '3ar 7ira2.

We need to know our self and to find our own peace inside before we turn out to the world. and I feel that I still need that.

Don't deny your self its right to that quality time with your self and with Allah. its worth it believe me.

Glad you passed by

PS: some sentences when literally translated from one language to another, may not have the same intended meaning. Please note that in the future because it may lead to some embarrassing misunderstandings.

(Tealover) said...

:) hey Tamara .. that sounded like an escape trip .. I am glad you were finally able to go through it .. funny enough .. i have also took a couple of days off this week right after weekend .. also as an escape from my work routine ..and i am back to it since yesterday .. but i am so lost at work !
you know how it is when the time comes where you know you can no longer offer all your best .. you simply need a break as you described to clear up your thoughts and have sometime on/ by your own .. i had the break , but was not able to spend a lot of quality time on my own .. which i am still craving for .. I simply can't wait for winter to bigen , it has this soothing factor .. for some it means depression for me .. a break of summer loundness and a time to revive my senses !

those were nice pictures .. I bet the whole collection is as good :) .. ever thought of having an account on ?

have a wonderful day :)

Tamara said...

Congrats on the time off of work, I know exactly what you mean about not being able to give work 100% I was down to 40%, I cannot wait for winnter as well, but Ramadan is the best i get power for the rest of the year from Ramdan alone

Glad you liked the photos, the whole collection is great but a lot are personal : )

Anonymous said...

Sub7an Allah, You are right I just saw that after your comment. as I have not reviewed my entry before publishing it... Well, forgive my language :)

Anonymous said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
dear glad you did it dear..Do it again soon and arrange it properly so you'll have more fun..
May allah bless u and make all your and happy:)

Tamara said...

The caller

thanks for the warm wishes : )

Anonymous said...

So that last picture means that you went skinny dipping in the sea?
I'm glad you had fun, I guess shopping is in part of the X chromosome, you just can't live without it ;-)

Did you swim at all? got tanned? went on a Jet-ski?

(Tealover) said...

Tamara :) ..
Ramadan kareem ..
Just thought i'd send my good wishes to you with this holy month .. May Allah grant you the blessings of it, forgives your sins and doubles your good deeds , May this month come back to us with many happy returns Inshallah.

Tamara said...


No the picture means that I had a towel, backpack and a bottle of water the rest is you imagination ...

I did have fun a lot of fun

And ...I did ...kind of..and no : )

Nice of you to drop by : )

Danah ...

Thank you for you nice wishes, I wish you all the blessings of ramadan : )

Anonymous said...

Tamara :)
Ramadan Mubarak yen3ad 3alayke ya rab habibte ente w kel ahlek bel se7a wel 3afieh
be fine sweet heart