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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Glorified pain

I'm working late at the office today, it’s a strange feeling being there alone working. Somehow the office seems very different than it looks like during the day.

Working late alone in the office helps get a lot of work done very fast, one you cannot wait to leave so you hustle, and two there are no phones, meetings or annoying coworkers to pop their head in the office and waist your time.

Still no matter what staying late at the office is a PAIN !! no matter how great TV shows make it look like. Did you ever really see a TV show that did not have someone pulling an all-nighter at work, and as a result something great happens for him\her career wise. They make it look so great but in fact its not at all.

Leave you now to go work : (


Anonymous said...

Well .. it happened to me a few times that I had to be really late at work .. but I never liked it .. the other offices felt spooky and haunted ! .. and at some point I imagined hearing sounds coming form the other office rooms ! ..

I agree that one can achieve more in others absence.. yet .. it feels a bit spooky to be alone , in a place you're only used to with a lively traffic !

Allah ya3teeky el3afieh Tamara :)

Tamara said...


Allah ye3afiki o yeraje3 blogek bilsalameh ...

I agree the office is kind of spooky at night !! o and el7amd lilah 3ala salamtek.

Anonymous said...

Allah ysallmek ya Rab enti :)and your blog and you car .. and everything that matters to you .. :)

have a wonderful day ..

Anonymous said...

El 3omor be5las o el sho3'ol ma be5las , i always say that to myself when i couldnt finish my work before going to sleep .....
Ana aqtare7 enek t3atli el sobe7 o tdawmi el masa since u r more productive at noon !


Lirun said...


im fascinated by jordan and hope to visit one day soon..

would love togain more of an insite at how you guys feel about our border..

wishing peace and friendship to us all