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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The week of good news ...

This is an amazing week blogging wise, first Qwaider starts his Qwaider Planet and I get to be part of that, which is an amazing thing and Q is doing a great job on his planet and in introducing new bloggers. So thanks Q
Then this morning I get this email …..


Your Blog ( has been accepted and added on Jordan Planet; you are now officially a citizen!
Your posts will be featured on Jordan Planet homepage when you publish them on your blog. Kindly note that due to the heavy traffic on our server, your blog feed will be checked every 3 hours, so please allow the same amount of time to pass before you see your posts.
Keep those nice posts flowing; we love to hear your voice.
Congratulations again and welcome to Jordan Planet!

JP Team

Khalidah El Mufleh

This simply made my day I was so happy and excited finally I'm a JP Citizen! and then I realized something I DID NOT apply, or I cannot remember applying. I checked once the application form just to know what it looks like.

Don't get me wrong I'm very happy I was accepted, I just thought it was strange. In any case JP readers here I come. Ready or not ! I personally was waiting till I prove to my self that I'm offering something new in my blog, but it seems I'm doing a better job than I have expected : )

All in all ME HAPPY : )

All for now


Anonymous said...

Congrat's Tamara :) .. that is good news indeed

Tamara said...

Thanks Danah 3o2balek : )

by the way I connot even view your new blog ! I can see it on Qwaider planet but I still cannot view it when I click on the link : (

Anonymous said...

LOL , i can feel yr joy in the air .... Mabrooook and enjoy yr passport o since you dont know who filled the JP application form for u , i would say it was me , h3 .... I gss u owe me now !


Tamara said...

lol, if things will go this way I have a feeling that I'll be owing one to a lot of people, what the hell I owe you thanks for the nice gesture : )

Anonymous said...

Mabroooooooook :)
Who said that a little of friendly positive pressure can't do miracles?

You are an amazing writer, and I'm soo glad you got the recognition. This goes out to many others too including Danah and Dar (who are also amazing Planeteers)

Danah's posts are being posted in FULL on Qwaider planet because she's having some technical difficulties

Tamara said...


Allah Yebarek feek ya rab : )

Thanks for the friendly positive pressure : )

No argument Danah and Dar are great : ) Allah yeraje3 blog Danah bilsalameh

Anonymous said...

LOL guys.. you are amazing :)

Tamara .. I think I fixed that thing in my temporary blog .. and I suppose it can be viewed now .. I hope .. eah .. and I am so grateful for Qwaider for having this special facility of showing my whole post on Qwaider planet until my blog's problem is resolved inshallah :) .. Thanks a bunch for the both of you 8)