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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Book tag…

So I have been tagged by Danah, its not the first tag but this is a one that is actually nice so here it goes…

فقال: (( و الله ما أبدلني خيرا منها، آمنت حين كفر الناس، و صدقتني إذ كذبني الناس، و واستني بمالها إذ حرمني الناس، و رزقني منها الله الولد دون غيرها من النساء)) فكل هذا الإعجاب العظيم من الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم بخديجة دليل على نبل وفائه و سمو خلقه، وتقديره للعقل الراجح.

So this is a paragraph from a booked called ( Women around the Prophet) by Mohammad Mahdi al Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu Al naser Al Shalabi.

And I here by Tag any one who will like to do this tag : )


Anonymous said...

Looks like an interesting book .. reminds me of a book I read once "actually .. I am not fully done with it .. read half of it " for 3a2esha bent elsha6e2 .. also talks about Women around prophet , narrating about them ..

whats the style of this one ?

Tamara said...


The book is very nice, you get to read the stories of the women in that time,its very interesting and not a large book.