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Monday, December 04, 2006

My friends and I have this habit of going on early morning picnics, we wake up for the Faji prayer, we pack up and leave on our picnic. And this what we did this Friday, thought this time we were only three but we had loads of fun. We drive around we get to a nice place we spend some time there, then we drive a pit more and we find another beautiful spot we stop to read soret al Kahf together ( since its Friday), we keep hopping around and enjoying the nice view, the great company and the fresh air.

I would recommend this to every one, being out in the fresh air at around 6 am would do you the world of good, getting fresh air, new natural scenery. In addition you get the chance to break the monotony of every day life.

We went to Wadi Al –Shita, Iraq Al-Ameer, Bahath if you know the area well its continues valley that goes from behind Marj Al-Hamam to Wadi Al-Seer.

After that fresh air we had a big apatite so we went to The Bake House, in jabal Amman for a hearty breakfast, the food is really good there, they serve an American style breakfast, and it was absolutely Yummy !

It was a fantastic Friday morning, hope you enjoy some of the photos I took : )

All for now ...


Anonymous said...

:) I thought i'd take a small break from the "loads" I have and check out your blog Tamara ..

This does sound like fun .. really .. the pinic and the site visits :) .. I admire the religious taste within too ..

Anonymous said...

All nice Tamara, but why in the world there is no Salat aljum3a for Women??
As the ayah address all the believers to go for Jum3a prayer, I see no exclusion in the ayah of Jum3ah or specification for the men alone??

Tamara said...

Thanks Danah : ) I'm glad you find my blog enjoyable ...

And I tell you it was a lot of fun, and its sort of relaxing, fresh air, good company and Qura'an and " Athkar al Saba7)


Actually we were done around time for Salat Jom3a.

Salat Jom3a though is Fard for men only not women, but is has great ajir if they attend.

Anonymous said...

Yay sho 7elo .. bedy a3mal zaykom :)

Tamara said...


Ya '3ayorah : ) just kidding I think you should its really great, and if you do tell us about it.

Anonymous said...

ukhti Tamara, hatha ma aradtu an usheera elayhe... katheerun yaqooloon anaha fard 3ala arijal walysat 3ala anisa2... arjoo an tatakarmee 3alay bedaleel ashar3ee... heya tasqu6 faqa6 fi 7alat wa7idah wahya 3endama la tasta6ee3 amar2a an ta7dhur le 3uthrin shar3ey. Ghairu hatha la ajid hunak sabab fal aya tukha6ib allatheen amano fahal anisa2 mustathanyatin min allatheena amano?

fa etha kan hatha howa aljawab fa2yna adaleel min nas qura2ni aw 7adeeth?

Min wijhatin ukhra hatha azaman allathee na3eeshuh waqad enqa63at almar2a 3an almasjid ma allathi yarbi6uha belmasjid en lam ta7dhur aljum3a? man ya3eithuha kul usboo3?ma allathi yush3iruha be anaha juz2un la yatajaz2 min hatha almujtama3? arjo an tujeebi 3an hathihee atasa2oulat bema anaki thakarti aljum3a (wahwa 3eedu almuslimeen al2usboo3i wa fi al23yad takhruj almar2a litusharik fi assalah en esta6a3at wa fi alkhu6ba)

Walmar2a fi alurdun a7waj ma ta7taj elayhe an tusharik fi salat aljum3a in lam yamna4uha mani3 shar3ee, hatha awla min an taltahe belaghani wal 6abkh wanafkh....famin athulm an nusharik fi tajheel almar2a be 2sm elshar3.

Tamara said...

Abdulla wala tiza3el 7alak, I'll get the answer for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much sister as this will put a question that has been inside me for long to rest. May Allah accept your deeds

Anonymous said...

American bakehouse :)