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Saturday, January 06, 2007


So it’s the year of 007! Is this year going to be as good as a 007 movie or as unbelievable as one? Every thing is possible the year is still young and what ever we set our minds to accomplish is a possibility shinning in the horizon.

How many times did we write resolutions for the new year, and a year later we look at it and we accomplished nothing from our list. And how great was it to be able to strike off some really important resolutions. I hope this year we will take an hour out of our busy schedules and put down a couple of goals for this year and really take the time to consider them, do they really help you accomplish your ultimate goal ? will that accomplishment significantly and positively effect you? And then once you are sure you want it, take a moment or two to actually set a plan and a time frame.

I have reviewed and put together a number of strategic plans and action plans, for small and simple projects and for complex ones, so please take my word for it will make a drastic difference in your life to have a goal or goals that you seek to reach.

I here by claim that having a goal that you truly believe in and really want and you know you want, Will cut drastically your time waste and your depressions and low moments. Please do try and prove me wrong and not by talking but by action. Monitor your regular week or month and how many hours you waste and are bored at and how many times did you feel low and depressed. Then set a goal for the same amount of time that will survive five (whys) meaning if you decide on a goal lets say read a really big technical book in a month, ask your self why do I want to read this book? because it will help me in my field, why do you want to be better at your work? So that I can be promoted to team leader, why do you want to be a team leader? And so on your set goal must survive five (whys) with true and honest and logical answers.

The bigger the goal the better you will feel. And the life long goals are better support than short term goals, but never the less your goals are you safety net against ups and downs.

The last thing I have to say is good luck and I wish you all a meaningful 2007.


Anonymous said...

I hope you can achieve most of your goals Tamara in 2007.

Tamara said...

You too red rose : ) thanks

Anonymous said...

BIG WORDS Tamara :) and well said ..
sounded like a How to accomplish those goals in 2007 . :) .. but you know that point , where setting goals and going after them may lessen one's depression encounters , sounded logical to me , because one will always hold onto his goal and work by it and for it .. interesting ..

May all your goals be accomplished for the year 2007 !

Tamara said...


I'm glad you agree, I was hoping that people who read the post will actually give it a try, I sure have and it made a difference in my life.

My best wishes for you to have a great 2007 and accomplish your goals

Anonymous said...

Tamara :)
long time we didnt crossed each other ways
hope ur fine and everything is ok with you ,ya rab yen3ad 3alayke w 3ala kel elli bet7ebihom bi kel el kheir ya rab ya rab :)
be fine lady

Tamara said...

Sweet Sarah

Glad to hear from you again, I wish you a great year : )