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Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Dream ...
Myth: Frozen vegetables are less nutritious than fresh ones.
Fact: Freshly
picked vegetables do have more vitamins and minerals, but unless you’re right
there on the farm waiting to eat them immediately, you’re unlikely to get all
those nutrients. Nutrient levels drop during shipping and storage. They lose
even more vitamins as they sit in the fridge. Meantime, frozen vegetables are
picked ripe and are immediately frozen with no downtime to allow any loss of
nutrients, so they keep most of their nutritional value.

This quotation is from an article talking about nutrition myths, and the scientific facts on the subject. Well I'm not so surprised that the veggies we get from the market are not as fresh as they are when they are picked.

The thing is that this has awakened an ever recurring yearning I have, I would love the quiet life of farming, growing things, taking care of veggies and fruits. Being close to nature and away from the every day stress. No dead lines ! no working for late hours of the night looking at a screen.

I don't have a romantic notion about farming and agriculture; I know its hard physical work and long hours. I know it's not all easy! and if this was the only source of income for you and your family it would be a stress on that side.

Still it would be more relaxing than the crazy jobs we have now, with the bosses and competition. Not to mention rivalry and plots and unstable market, that way you will be your own boss .no stress yes you will have to start working at the crack of dawn but still will not be punished for being 5 minutes late.

Imagine this, waking up at dawn you pray and then go to the field, you spend the day with nature, green fields irrigating your farm picking up fresh veggies and fruits. Enjoying the beautiful farm, eating your lunch under a tree. Going home to a meal cooked from the very things you grow and you know its healthy.

I wish I was a farmer, the question I have for you, do you prefer physical labor or mental labor?


(Tealover) said...

For me .. I'd still prefer a mental labor , however , with a farm somewhere away from the city .. some place quite , with no cars horns , no pollution , no city lights to cover the stars sparkles , and a wide view of mountains in front , that turn pitch black in moonless nights !

I am no fan of labor work ! but I am a fan of nature , quietness , meditation ..
I wish if I can spend sometime away from work , Amman , TV , computers even the gym , to relax with a bunch of good books , and alot of hot drinks ..
:) couldn't resist sharing some thoughts that where driven by your post Tamara .. sorry for the long comment !

Tamara said...


Never worry about the length of posts : )

I admit that part of my longing to that kind of life is for the unpolluted air and serene surroundings, but also I love planting and being with greenery and working on it.

Anonymous said...

I need labor work for a change! office, pc ugly these days! really ..I wish i can combine between both of them ..
I'm like you..fond of my old hoe i was taking care of our garden (little farmer I was;)) bs shu ba3jbk mishmish..karaz..5o5 3a zo2ek ;)

I hate shu2a2 now ;(

Tamara said...

Red Rose

Well your choice of nickname did not come out of nothing : ) I hate sho2a2 too

Mala2e6 said...

everyone yearns to old unsophisticated life..i do too..maybe its because we are surrounded by plastic veggies and semi fresh fruits..but come to think of it,we cannot by any chance survive living like this coz we are not used to it..we are not born farmers,we are just city people looking for a nice time in the countryside..

i cannot imagine you or me handling a farm daily..for the rest of our lives..

tab will theri be cellphones and internet? would u stop for a while in the field to blog?

didn't think so ;)

Tamara said...


I totally agree, we are city people and we like the urban style of living, maybe the stress of our lives is pushing me into wishing I could live on a farm. But no internet !! I don't think I can live with it.

Can't I have an organic farm that has a modern house, internet, cell phone, and not too far from my favorite places in town ? : )