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Monday, March 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home ...

So I'm back from Damascus, the visit was filled with new things to learn, see and taste, I was planning that as soon as I get home I will blog all about it, but after a report and a gazillion emails on the issue, writing the details of the visit or even categorizing the events seems a dull thing to do and looks and feels more like work than fun.

The important thing is that I'm back home, I will share some photos with you from my visit and I will put in bullet points some of the fun, odd and crazy stuff that happened the story behind each one will be provided upon request : )

1- I can now be an official tour guide in old Damascus
2- Got proposed to …
3- Found proof that not all French people are snobby: )
4- A priest gave me a "masba7a" as a gift for my dad!
5- I had to convince people I'm not Syrian and that I'm not American
6-had Great food ...lots of it

This sums up my visit to Damascus, with luck I'm going to Turkey next month, if any one has tips or info on that it will be great.


Qabbani said...


glad u had fun :) and welcome back ...

Anonymous said...

Got proposed to? WOW !! Mabrook ... what did you say?

And 7amdillah 3alsalameh :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Welcome back to Jordan :) Wow! Sounds like you had great fun! I am so happy for you! Show us the pics.. Aham eshi el 3arees!

I've been to Turkey a couple of times.. It is lovely and the nature there is amazing! I can give you lots and lots of tips and from where to get all sorts of stuff! Ask me whatever you like..I'd be happy to help you :)

Mais said...

WOW shu 7ilo...glad u had fun

i love Damascus (specially the old Damascus...i'm fond of walking there) and ya allah 2adeh i miss it!! i still have like 3 months or a bit more to go there for my vacation...:(

Tamara said...


Thanks : ) Syrian people are so sweet I had great fun.


Well I said no : ) marriage is not a decision you take based on looks or appearances, especially not with a person you briefly met ...and Allah yesalmak

Mrs. Alramahi

Thanks, sorry no pictures for the 3arees but great ones for old Damascus

I would love it if you can give me tips for turkey its my first time.

Desert Rose

I love old Damascus, I find the walk there with all the small shops romantic if the right person was with you.

Anonymous said...

"Well I said no : ) marriage is not a decision you take based on looks or appearances, especially not with a person you briefly met"

I respect this and well said..

welcome back Tamara,,jebteli 3osh el bolbol pls..wella nseteni mtl dayman :)?

Tamara said...

Red Rose

Glad you agree : ) I got you 3osh elbolbol but you did not come by to pick it up ; p now its all gone next time inshala

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Well as for pure tourism, they have many mosques and palaces! The ones that are a must are Topkapi Palace, Aya Sofia, Sultan Ahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque), the Hippodrome, Kapali Carsi (Covered Market), Yerebatan Sarnici and the Museum of Islamic Art.

There is the Princesses Island, which needs a full day tour. That place is wonderful! No cars are allowed there and it has only bikes and carriages pulled by horses. The palaces are wonderful and the nature.

There are yacht rides or on ships to take you around the golden horn and I don't remember the other place, something like "the Bosphore" which they would show them to you from a ship tour.

The shopping part is my best. There are 3 important malls there which we have many of them now but they are slightly cheaper which are: Akmerkez, Kanyon and Metrocity. Those are the ones I've been to. There is Istiklal street of course, which most of the hotels are around. So that would take you 3 minutes to walk to. This has a lot of shops. But you could bargain them a lot in the non-branded places. They have a lot of good stuff over there.

Food: They have good shawerma and "sfee7a" and honestly I didn't eat any other traditional food of theirs. Although I like to try new food but I didn't want to try new "tabeekh" so I had a lot of junk food instead.

Turkey has a marvelous nature and the weather this time i guess would be great!

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

oops I forgot an important place too. Which is "sha3be" but amaaaziingg. That place is called "uminunu" don't know how it is spelt but tht place is VERY nice. They have nice souvenirs over there. They have spices,home accessories, and the more you look the more you find stuff. I went to it twice and each time i find a part tht I didnt see earlier! hehe! bedayye3 shwai so you have to have company! And never forget to bargain there! BTW they don't understand english nor arabic.. you have to draw or something..or maybe sign language!

Tamara said...


Thank you for the great tips : ) Turkey was one of the countries I wished to see for a long time, but never go the chance to do so.

Mala2e6 said...

7amdella 3al salameh tamtam..i am glad you had a great time..


Tamara said...


Allah yesalmek ya rab : )