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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I need Vs. I want

I read this article on MSN it’s about a "no buying month" the idea is basically to go for a whole month without buying any thing that is not necessary. No impulse shopping, no retail therapy, no going out and spending too much money in a restaurant, only essentials that you cannot live without. It is a bit extreme but it is an experiment for a whole month.

During that month you get to evaluate your spending habits, how much you spend on unnecessary things or outings that you really did not need which are too expensive. An upside for that will be all the saving you will do.

There are no guidelines for what is necessary and what is not, this is why it’s a personal experience. Each person gets to evaluate what is a necessary thing and what is not, " do I really need this ? " is the key question you ask your self before each purchase. Tracking the purchases in a small book or an excel sheet is a good idea as well for future reference.

I have decided to start from tomorrow! Its not the beginning of the month but I don't want to loose my enthusiasm for the idea and I will try to get my friends on board to see how much we can save in one month. And self revelation as well – you know me I cannot help it – a month of learning and appreciating the free things in life that are the most important any way.

Today is the day that I took a bold step and went to see the Mini Cooper dealership, I'm shopping for a new car but it is a necessity, I found that a Toyota Yaris is less than half the price of the Mini Cooper, so if I'm to go with this theme of Need Vs. Want, I'll have to go with the Toyota which is not a bad car, and forget – at least for now- about the JOD 28,000 Mini cooper.
So I will let you know in a month how are things going ...


Anonymous said...

Your making me jealous !!!

I would love to own a mini ... one day.

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

I am working on saving from my sallary lately and I'm saving a good deal..But this month I couldnt resist the temptation of shopping for my home and me of course :) Half of the sallary is gone now :( I guess i will be on the diet spending after marriage once again.

The Yaris is a great choice. My next plan was to buy a Yaris. Its amazing. Toyota is well known in the cars brand and I totally trust their cars. The quality, performance and the style of their cars.

Yallllaa you can do it without extra spending this month.. GO Tamara GO :) Tell us what happens with you by the end of this month.

Qabbani said...

mini o bas ...

this car i really want baaaaaaaaad way

Tamara said...


Mini cooper, I wish ! and I dream but one day day

Mrs. alramahi

I'm so bad at saving ! at least you are buying things for your future home, me I just buy things I don't really need, ehh

Any way the Yaris seems like a logical choice. will let you know what happens


I agree ...I so want but every one tells me its too expensive ! my bro is the only one who is telling me to go ahead, I think I will go for the Yris this time. but soon I hope I will have the mini

Mais said...

i liked the idea :)

although i always try to ask myself this question before buying anything new (do i really need it?) but you know sometimes u can't resist the temptation, i get to weak for nice clothes and shoes...
most of the times i am in control, but this month i spent like crazy for my know how you always feel in need to buy some new stuff with every season!!

but i'll try to go back to the control min awal april...i was saving well and metel el habla i spent a good amount min my savings 3ala 7akii faddi

Anonymous said...

mmm, then what else is money for? if ur saving half of ur salary, that is just about right! why save any more?!

Tamara said...

Desert rose

don't feel so bad we all do this kind of a thing from time to time, I'm not talking here about a normal situation, its an experiment to try and live on essentials for a whole month.

Mariam Ayyansh

If you are saving half your salary that's amazing, I don't save at all and if I save for a couple of months I go buy something big later on ! so I'm taking this experiment because I personally need to learn how to save : )

Anonymous said...

I wanted a lot to save :( bur every time you have unexpected expenses..matlan or bala matlan ..too long list :)
I did it once for doing my lisak for my eyes and IDId iT:0) I'll do it again in the next phase..:)

Tamara said...

Red Rose

I know its not easy : ) and list is very long

Anonymous said...

i was referring to someone who was complaining about half the salary :)

anyway, i really dont think its about commitment or risistance, we should help oursleves from being tempted, for example, here is my golden rule to save: LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARDS AT HOME!
second tip: have a list of known good places with low prices so that next time ur friends ask u out u jump to the rescue of making the suggestion of one of the places u have on the list... normally groups do welcome a suggestion, so be the first and save urself :)

any more tips?

Anonymous said...

i have another tip: i learnt that recently because i was trying to save (self-employed i became): i used to watch movies in the cinema, and go out with friends on many occasions, i found out by renting a DVD for 2 jds and staying in on thursday night, i save a hell lot of money! and i do have semi-fun :)

Anonymous said...

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