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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Best Job on earth

I was reading today an article that stated the 10 most fun jobs, well most of the 10 did not sound like fun to me so I thought I'd make a list of he 10 most fun jobs to me.

1- Restaurant and movie critic: this was one of the listed in the article and I agree with them, you get to see movies before any one else and you get to eat gourmet food, and write your fiery review, what's not like ?

2-Personal shopper: this again was on the list, I totally agree its in my genes to agree with them. Spend the day shopping with someone else's money, perfect ! I tried that before, someone would give me and my friend cash and ask us to buy them makeup or a present, loads of fun !

3-Trainer: this is my own, trainers after a couple of years have all the material that they need, and just need to update them from time to time, but training people is really fun, you get to travel, meet new people all the time, its not a boring desk job. Besides they make good cash !

4- A cooking show: which includes traveling the world to report on the best foods, this could not get any better, travel and good food and getting paid for it.

5-Travel guide\book writer: again you may have noticed the pattern any thing that includes travel and new places is a job for me.

6-A business owner: it does not have to be a multimillion establishment, but any business that is your own without having a boss is great, I know it will be hard work but it gives you a space for breathing and creativity.

7- A photographer for national geographic: travel the world, take beautiful and interesting photographs.

8- Gardener\florist: spending the whole day in the fresh air, working with trees and flowers is just an amazing thing, or as a florist you get to be creative and work with flowers

9- TV\Radio show host: you get to talk and people listen to what you have to say, choose interesting topics and guests this must be an amazing thing, for me at least since I have a natural talent for talking.

10- Humanitarian Worker: this is my actual line of work, but I work in Jordan, I wish I had my same job but in Africa.

This is not a list of the jobs I could have, but the ones I believe I would enjoy doing, and I did not put in mind what each one pays and if it has stability, since it’s a wish list it's not limited with practicality.


PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

i've done 9 and 10, and i tell u, buckets of fun! especially 9 its amazing just having a place where ur blabber is actually paid for, u work with music (i was a radio presenter) thats just gr8 fun!

and ten gives u a sense of satisfaction.. a sense of giving back to community.. helping ppl or doing anything selfless feels just amazing spiritually..

i c u love to travel, and since i do too, i must agree with the majority of ur list :D

Anonymous said...

to be a business owner? not really!

Anonymous said...

as for number 10, u said u wished to be in africa and i have no idea why u said that, prophet mohammed said (PBUH): khayrokom khayrokom le ahleh, wa ana khayrokom le2ahlee, i believe if anyone want to do good, they better start with their own families, so amman is more rightous of ur well doing than africa girl

adel, business owning is marvelous, i did not do it yet, but i left my great full time job to freelance hoping i can own my business one day... i think some people would disagree.

Anonymous said...

AS you know, I get to do #1 a lot :) I watch movies for free and before everyone else
And the best part, the movie producers are extra nice, until the review is out

Now If I manage to get paid for doing that, that would be awesome, but HEY free movies is a good thing ... right?

I also agree with #6, business is the way to go ...!

I also do a little of #7, but, not for the national geographic :'(

I always wanted to do #9, but .. didn't have a chance .. who knows .. I might still do it ...

Tamara said...


I hope one day I will do # 9, I imagine it will be great fun, so at what station did you work? What was the show ?

Well 10 is great, a bit better on some level when you volunteer, but still great as a profession, I'm lucky to do both


Well not all people are alike, it will work for me but it does not have to work for you. welcome to my corner : )

Mariam Ayyash

I totally agree, I only wish I could work in Africa for a year or so and then return home, I have to admit mostly for the experience of living there, and for professional development.

Good luck with opening your own business, I hear you are one of the best in Jordan : )


Don't even get me started on how jealous I am about the move thing : ) and I think capable and smart people can do a wide range of things when they put their mind to it.

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

i like the "personal shopper"! i'd love to be so! shopping more and more! and being a stylist o hek! 3ajabatne..

Tamara said...

Mrs. alramahi

I bet this would be the dream job for any woman : ) glad you liked it