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Monday, April 30, 2007

Change ...

So sleepy and lazy, then fresh and energetic, then excited and busy, then moved to a kind of a hyper phase, but eventually got to the point of heart pounding excitement, soon after a little bit annoyed and disappointed.

All these moods and a few more I got through since this morning till now. and I thought I was not that moody, guess I was wrong estimating my moodiness. Did you ever notice how one word, one phone call and even one smile can change your mood. The human psyche is so interesting we can be as stable as a rock in the wind and as fragile as an autam leaf.

It takes time to be centered again after and external effect, no matter how stable a person is, it still takes us time to get back to our default state of mind, it varies from one person to another some people need days to recover for others it’s a matter of minutes, most naturally it depends on the external factor itself.

Will we know if something hit us so hard that it bent us out of shape? Will we think it’s a temporary thing, will we notice and know that at this place in time I was changed for ever. It maybe for the better or worse, it may effect how we preserve future events. At certain points we know that we have been forever changed and other changes come gradually like rocks caressed by the constant sea.

One thing for certain we do change, we cannot stop that but we can try to change to the better rather than to the worse.


Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

I am not a moody person, but it happens..Every thing can change your mood, you might be on the way to work with the biggest smile ever and one crazy move from the drivers around you while going to work can turn it all over..

Tamara said...


We all think we are not moody, yet a bad driver in the street will change our mood : ) the bright side is that a nice thing no matter how small can change it back and so we have a sort of a balance

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

very true :) hehe... it just takes a few mins till you get back to your normal mood, to get back to "you"..but if we surrender to getting moody i guess, we would be like that..

Tamara said...

For me it depends on the driver : )