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Monday, April 23, 2007

Do you ever wonder

Do you ever wonder how some people effect our lives? How some people feel so close no matter how far they are, and how some people maybe in the same room with us but at the same time be miles away. The effects of different people amazes me.

Some people you need a daily dose of, but others on a daily basis would be a slow and painful death. On other occasions you will meet someone for a short period of time and yet stay forever effected by them, and they stay alive in your heart and mind for ever. others that have been around for ever you would forget the moment they walk out of the door or you hand up the phone.

I get really touched by writers and authors, I would really be impressed by a writer or a thinker and remember them in my prayers, and you may see this silly but I wish I could meet some of them in heaven. It just amazes me how some people are so great that their words reach out for centuries and touch people's hearts and soul in such a profound way.

To try and put your hand on what makes these people so effective, and what makes others so insignificant is impossible, since I may see someone as my air and water and to others s\he would be just another face in the crowd. Yet again there are those people who touch the hearts of every one who comes in contact with them. All I can think of is that it’s a blessing, to us that we have them in our lives or that we have crossed paths with them, but I don't think that they see it as one all the time, or maybe they do.


Anonymous said...

Remember how Kate wislate (Rose) in Titanic got transformed by "Jack Dawson's" character?
It's like that, sometimes, a person just skims through our life and make all the difference!
While some people drive us to bordeom madness!
I guess people might not be compatible, or ready at the thought level and that's what makes these things happen!

Good subject ... makes one think .. alot about people he knows

Ammar said...

very nice post, the secret, or the obvious fact..only to those who look rather than just selflessness, people who affect our lives, verbally or emotionally probably selfless acts, writers..thinkers are mind phelanthropists, they give away the most valuable asset of humanity..intellect, if Gibran just sat there and thought selfishly, no one would have been taken to the stars by his masterpieces, the same goes to beethoven, Al Mutanabi, Emily Dickenson and the rest of humanity's beautiful minds.

great post.

Tamara said...


This is so true, some people just have an amazing soul that touches others, and yes you will be surprised, that you will find that a writer or someone you did not even meet in your life, is more important in your life, that some of the people you see every day and may even call friends.


"Mind philanthropist" I love this new term. and its so true when you think of it.

I have to say you have this innate ability to leave me speechless ! I can just say I totally agree.

Ammar said...

uff..I have to admit I'm quite flattered..thanks Tamara!

Mala2e6 said...


if it wasn't for the night..we wont appreciate daylight


i just made that up..and after a 100 years it will on quotes by anonymous(illi howeh ana)

la2 jadd

those meaningless others can also serve you ,as human, to realise the importance of those who matter

you meet many people on the path of life and each person no matter how insignificant serve a purpose to teach you something,to make you see things clearer and to appreciate their opposites

7ekam..shofti il 7ekam...akh bass..

Tamara said...


Amazing ya bint el7ala sho had dorar : )

Every one has a purpose and meaning in this life and their importance, but there are still those remarkable people who touch us and impact our whole lives.