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Sunday, April 01, 2007


(I have written this post more than a month ago, I was going through my draft posts file and found it, it is still true now as it was then)

I Don't know where to start, I don't know when things started or how will they end, I wish I had more control over things …over my feelings hopes and aspirations. I admit it I am a dreamer maybe this is what got me so far in my life, and got me the success in my career and maybe this is the cause of my fidgeting soul. I work so hard towards the dreams I have and the places I see for my self in my minds eye. The curse of being a dreamer is not with the dreams we can attain. The things that come with hard work but it is with things we have no control over, dreams that snow ball but we never seem able to make them become a reality no matter how hard we work, plan or pray for them.

They say big dreams tire the body, I ware off my body in the pursuit of my dreams, some times its lack of sleep, long working hours. It is so difficult to cope with the fact that I want it all ….for this life and for the life hereafter, I don't want diamonds and furs I want to feel that I reached my potential, I want to make a difference, I want to help others …these are the things I want. My dreams are many and I feel that sometimes I'm tired. You know I will take hard work any day over a night tossing in bed thinking and rethinking about the things about peeks I'm not able to reach.

I feel that I have to work harder, do more things plan better, help more people. Improve my self get more knowledge. But the thing I want most is to be in peace with myself with the things that I might never reach. I admit it my soul is aching; I feel that I must re-evaluate things in my life and reset my priorities, make a few decisions I just don't know where to start or how to get around to them.


and life goes on... said...

I believe being a dreamer is not bad at all.. infact I consider it a positive thing that builds inside you a strong motivation to become someone and makes a difference.

A person with no dreams is like a dead useless soul.. When I come close to one of my dreams that makes me happy yet at the same time it makes me a little bit depressed as I feel I need to look for a new dream and a new target that would make me go on and takes me to all the unreachable places.. A quick advice if you are ambitious and a dreamer, never be with someone who lacks one of those.. it'd kill you from the inside.

Qabbani said...

I must re-evaluate things in my life and reset my priorities,

:) this is what i did two days ago :)

nice words ..

make sure that ur goals clear and go ahead :)

Anonymous said...

Never stop Tamara, Dreams are what drives us, fuels us and allows us to continue to live and thrive.
Without our dreams we're reduced to gears in the huge machine of Life.
Don't accept to be a gear, spinning aimlessly in life. Dreams are our only way to help for a better future. Keep them near and dear and continue to grow them. They are, after all, your goals.
You still need to work hard to achieve them... But that's stage, achieving your dreams.

Tamara said...


being a dreamer is a good thing, but at times it is very tiring. and I totally agree with you a dreamer\ ambitious person can never be with someone who is not!


That is great for you, I love the period just after you have re-evaluated things in your life, its fresh new start. good luck : )


Very well said as always : ) thanks, seems these days I can use all the pep talk I can get

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Dream, but you should work on yor dreams too. Not waiting for it to happen alone! Nothing is impossible!

Tamara said...

Mrs Alramahi

Not all dreams can be reached by only hard work : )

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Tamara said...

Thanks Hamede : )