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Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Car has been stolen !

Dear Friends my car has been stolen sometime between last night and early this morning,( al7amd lilah)….I have reported it stolen at the police station but some how I have the feeling they are not going to loose sleep over it!

We have been informed that sometimes some young guys steel a car for the night, use it until they finish the fuel and then dump it wherever! So if you guys can keep an eye out while driving for my car, and let me know if you find it I will really appreciate it.

It may not be the best car out there but its mine, and I would like it back if possible.

It’s a silver 1991 Mitsubishi hatchback the license plate number is : 673119, and it has one of those things to attach a trailer on I'm not sure what they are called by you have probably seen them around on the back of cars. I live in "Jandaweel " hassan Khawaja Street, so it could be possibly be in that area or Bayader Wadi Al seer, 8th circle.

Please help me find my car !

PS: I cannot believe I don't have any pictures of my car ! this is a look a like : ( well at least you can tell what the car looks like


Qabbani said...

ana ma da5li

7ata ma ba3rf ween sakneh asln
ba3deen , pic is darori and the range of ur home too

adeh al mokafa2a ???

Tamara said...


You are right I will amend the post and mention the range.

and the mokafa2a ...well you name it you will get it ( within normal that is !)

: )

Tamara said...

Qabbani -post amnded !

I live in Jandaweel, hassan Khawaja street, near the 8th circle ! hope someone will spot it soon : (

Madi said...

a7san 7al etdawrelek 3ala 7arami seyarat o ta3teeh meet lira, bejeeblek yaha men ta7t el ard.

Tamara said...

Thanks Jad : ) do you know any one ? Idi fi zonarak : )

Ba3deen i7na jiran atwaka3, fa iza shoft-ha ibshir bil mokafa2a

Anonymous said...

could it have been stolen by an angry blogger?

Anonymous said...

how was it stolen? were the keys inside? or was it left open? no alarm?

and they say its safe to live in amman!

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Oh my God :S InshaAllah beyl2oha soon!

Our car has been stolen a few months back, and it was brand new, 2 guys took it for a ride and when they finished the gas in it they left it..somewhere around Zarka!

They stole nothing from it! Everything in the car is as it is, they only took the tissue papers, the Quran, the play station (my mom kept it in the car from my tawjihi brother) and the cds and tapes in the car! Nothing else was touched AL HAMDULILLAH!

So inshaAllah bterja3 sayyartek bel salameh.. tamneena when you find your car and we will keep our eyes wide open.

Unknown said...

No matter how great or bad the car is, it feels bad to have it stolen! I really hope you find it soon! Inshallah you will:)

Tamara said...

Dear All,

thank you for your warm wishes and kind words, the car was parked over night infront of our building, and I did not have an alarm or ta2meen shamel ! I guess I have to learn the hard way to take this kind of things into consideration : )

Anonymous said...

yeeeeeeeeeee atamara, mesh khabareyyeh, hope you find it as soon as possible dear, i'm sorry to gear that

Tamara said...


You should see my new post : ) thanks for the sweet feelings

person said...


Tamara said...


thanks : )