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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

People I wish did not talk !

There are some occupations that your communication skills are the bread winner skills, in other words you need to talk your ass off to get paid, like people in sales. But on the other hand there are jobs, that people who are holding them interact with people directly, but should keep the blabber at a minimum, though some are very famous for talking too much like hair dressers.

The list is my total whish list, of the people I wish will not talk while they are doing their job, so here it goes :

1- Hair Dressers: these are infamous for talking a lot, some people enjoy the chit chat with their hair dressers, but I whish they would not! what is wrong with you going my hair without forcing me into a stupid conversation.

2- Massagers and skin care experts: I was having a facial that includes a facial massage and the lady kept talking to me this is so annoying, I wished she would have left me to enjoy the massage without having to do small talk. She is my mom's friend and she gives a wonderful facial and I don't think she talks to any one while working but since she knows my mom I had to suffer.

3- Dentists: I think they are told to talk to patients to shift their focus away from what is happening in their mouth, but how do you react to what they are saying ! and the worse part is when they crack a joke while both of his hands and three other tools are in your mouth, not funny!!

4- Waxers: I don't know what they are called but the women who wax our legs (ladies that is), the process is painful enough you don't have to add stupid conversation to the list.

5-Drivers: especially taxi drivers, I don't want to talk to you ! I don't know you and we have nothing in common, why are you talking to me?

I hope you don't get me wrong, I don't see that I am any better than these people, I'm not a snob. But the work they do is either something I want to relax while they are doing or I'm too tense while they are doing, so the conversation is not welcome even if you are my best friend, and or drivers I like to drift in my thoughts between destinations.


Anonymous said...

How can I sign up for Job#4? No not waxing off ladies, keeping the "waxer" silent :)

Tamara said...

Well you have to fill out a very detailed form, and you need references from you Uni

: )

Qabbani said...

Drivers For sure , they make me sick

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

All the people i deal with from your list are quiet :) excluding TAXI DRIVERS!!!! They talk whether you are interested or not, whether you like it or not. they get on my nerves :S

Anonymous said...

I agree,one day i will kill a taxi driver.

and life goes on... said...

Waxers!!!! YES.. I STRONGLY AGREE! sometimes I feel like asking her to SHUT UP.. it's like can you please shut up im trying to concentrate here.. LOL

Tamara said...


Oh they make a lot of people sick ! one day I will teach them a lesson


Lucky you ! so were do you go ? and Taxi drivers ....well I have no more words!


You should and I will testify with you to get you off the hook : )


Exactly !! how come they don't get it !! lol

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

looooool i know! i mean when the lips move the head stops fa leish ma yrakzu bi shughlun for a change! bas it wud be so dull for them :( min wein bidhum yjeebo gossip lol

Tamara said...


Well they should at least try to see if the customer is interested in small talk or not.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about my hair dresser is that she doesnt talk at all.

The only thing we talk about is "asset elsha3ar" w eza ana ma 2oltelha sho beddy, btebda t2oss la7alha la2nha she already knows ana sho ba7eb :-)

Sam said...

yes yes yes! i feel the same way...especially about hairdresser, waxers and mostly dentists! i cant talk so why should they?
just do your work and be quite!

Arab Lady said...

Add to the list the waiters who keep interrupting while having ur dinner “keef el akil inshala 3a zaw2ik”..they keep roaming around ur table sometimes it drives me crazy & makes me uncomfortable

Tamara said...


you are very lucky, to have a hairdresser that know what you like and dose not chew your ear off is a very good combo !

Glad to see you in my corner gain : )


Welcome to my corner : ) I just don't know how they don't get it !

Arab lady

Glad to see you here again : )

I call them hover waiters, and they just want a good tip !

Mais said...

lol@ this's funny :)

well, guess i'm lucky cause all the people mentioned in your list don't talk to me while doing their job...and i rarely take any taxis since i have a car..except when i go to damascus...even then i keep silent when a silly taxi driver tries to have a conversation, i simply show him that i'm not interested and let him talk to himself..

same goes for hair dressers...thanks god i've been going to the same saloon for more than 10 years now, and all the guys there know me so well, and saro 7afzeen tab3i..ya3ni after the hi, keefek and what would you like to do today? they don't add another word, except the na3eeman at the end and inshallah 3ajabak :D

Tamara said...

Desert Rose

Glad you liked it, as I told every one you people seem to be luckier than I am in these things : )

I have an old car, so when its at the shop which is often I have to take taxis : (