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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Walking though the beads door, the strong sent of oriental aromas filled his being with anticipation, with trembling hands and the red of embracement on his face, he approached the lady sitting on the floor in a hallow of colors and sparkle. She pointed to a pillow, he sat there without thinking. His mind was busy thinking of how stupid and rather desperate he was for even coming here.

He could not remember much of what she said later, she looked at his palm, and she threw stones on the red cloth. She said a lot of things that made no sense. Later on while walking in the clod weather with only distant echoes in his head and a sense of emptiness. Looking into people's faces, at droplets of rain lingering on branches.
Little do we all know that seeking truth may be an eluding path that may lead you to scary places. Take you on delusional trips, but the thing people seldom know is that the straight path is the way to the truth answers. It just takes a wise soul and a brave heart.


Ammar said...


Tamara said...


That is great compliment coming from you, thanks : )

Mais said...

did u write this yourself?!

i loved it!

Tamara said...

Yes I did, glad you liked it : )

Anonymous said...

It just takes a wise soul and a brave heart.
WOW Tamara… it’s weird how human beings look for truth when sometimes it right in front their eyes… it just puzzles me how we sometimes run away from it and we really look for it in others… I guess that’s just us
Great post Tamara.. Great Great post… :)

Tamara said...


I'm very glad you liked it : )

See some times we are not brave enough to look infront of us.