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Sunday, July 22, 2007


The morning rays are slowly creeping in through the drapes, as she lays there still half awake. Millions of lazy thoughts trickle through her head, millions of overwhelming emotions drown her soul. She feels like she did not sleep for months now, it’s a constant limbo of painful existence.

Who could have believed that question marks could be this painful, she did not know that unexplained selfish acts could be so profoundly effective. Haunting her during the day and creeping in bed with her making it simply impossible to drift into blissfulness. And since they have been creeping into her dreams as well she is getting no rest.

She drags her tired body out of bed and gets ready for yet another day or is it still the same day? She does not know nor does she have the energy to care, naturally she puts on the happy face at the door and walks out to face the crowds.


Anonymous said...

This is sad..

Tamara said...


Very true! thanks for passing by

Rafael Arjona said...

Is sad but real.
You have very interesting blog

Tamara said...


Its sad but that is how life is I guess !

Thanks for the complement and welcome to my corner : )

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

gotta admit i loved the pic.. and i can relate so much to the words.. especially this part "gets ready for yet another day or is it still the same day?" kul il ayam shabah ba3d these days..

Tamara said...


Glad you liked it : ) yeh I agree if we don't do anything about it one day can linger for a long time !

Miss sea lover said...

yah...this feeling has been killing me for a while, the worst is that u can't find the reason for that feeling....nice writting indeed

Tamara said...

Miss sea lover

Welcome to my corner : ) glad you liked my writing, and I hope you shake this feeling soon