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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Living in an air-conditioned world

Driving in my air-conditioned car from my air-conditioned supermarket back to my air-conditioned office, but the truth is I did not realize that I live in an air-conditioned world until I saw an old man digging through the trash can in the blazing heat !

A tear dropped from my eye, but do I really know what blazing heat is? Do I know what hungry is ? do we who are living in air-conditioned worlds know what is going on behind the glass ?


PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

its so refreshing to know that some of us think outside their bubble, everyone gets sucked into their own life they forget others exist and others have greater pain. i think its soul cleansing to think of others, it lets u realize the real size of ur ordeals and brings back compassion, a rare comodity in our day and age.


Miss sea lover said...

i guess it is life after all, and no one said life is to be fair. another thing, i believe that God takes somethings from us, and gives us somethings else. so even poor ppl having something in this life..we would be lucky to know it and understand it..

Tamara said...


I would not call it refreshing as much as necessary, since we are so easily lost in our own world that we forget that anything else exists...and that we could be in their place at any time! no guaranty in life to stay lucky all the time, no ?

Miss Sea lover

I totally agree that we all have a blessing in our life, the problem is that we get so used to some blessings in our lives to the extent that we don't see them any more and then start complaining about every thing else that is not as perfect, its healthy to remember form time to time how lucky we are in some aspects, how there are people out there who would give an arm and a leg for what we are so used to !

great to see you here in my corner : )

Miss sea lover said...

yah tamara i agree with u, remembering the bless is a must to stay thankful...
really i enjoy reading ur posts, they r deep and meaningfull, written in an elegant way...go on dear..

Tamara said...

Miss sea lover

Thank you for the sweet words : )

Anonymous said...

HuH,,why..where do u live?

sure it must be in the GULF ,,But realy i like ur sweet articles

if u want to be friend contact me at

even i still don;t know how to creat a BLOg..for me^ـ^