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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Smell tag ...

During the time of my engagement you had the first raw seat, to me enjoying my "life long hobby" of analyzing emotions and human nature, and now ladies and gentlemen please do join me, and read more about married life! I guess this is a blogging phase I have to go through as well.

Dima provided me with a creative way, for me to be my old self : ) the rules are simple, I have to mention at least five of my favorite smells, mention the person who tagged me, and tag three other people.

Freshly washed clothes: I love the smell of freshly washed clothes while they are still wet and after they dry as well in addition to freshly washed sheets and towels. for me to enjoy that smell up until now all I had to do is put the clothes that don't smell freshly washed in the bathroom hamper and a couple of days later they magically appear in my wardrobe, now days I have to wash them first ! Hang them to dry! Iron them and then enjoy the smell…..o but first I had to learn how to use the washing machine, avoid the fire that almost happened from melting connection wires. One more thing now I know what my mom used to complain about when I just put the things I wore once or twice in the hamper because I wanted them to be FRESH !!

The smell of my hubby : I believe that every person has their own distinctive smell, and I don't mean their perfume, though a persons perfume does connect to them, but their own personal smell again I don't mean by smell, the result of a couple of days of not showering ! or what you smell like after gym !

Coconut oil: I guess its because its linked to the smell of the beach and pool, and yummy stuff ! I love it ( did you notice how many people mentioned coconut oil in their posts ! strange)

Baby smell: after they have a bath, there is nothing in the world that is softer; it makes me feel all fuzzy inside

Coffee: the smell of coffee in the morning is like an invitation to a fresh new morning.

I was telling hubby how instantly I loved some folk songs the moment I have heard them, and told my mom how strange that was, she simply said " its not strange ! these are the songs you dad used to sing to you as a child " smells are like songs or maybe even stronger in holding memories. There are even some perfumes that even though I love I cannot use, because they are the smell of someone else ! it just does not work


and life goes on... said...

i like the way you described them.. smells hold many memories.. that's so true! :)

Qabbani said...

nice way :)

am really happy now that my Tag leave a good impression for all who did it :D

Maioush said...

oh wow, memories of some songs u think that u never heard before and it turnes out that ur dad used to sing it for u..
that's exactly how i feel some songs, i swear u can even feel the same way, although u were little, i have a couple of si=ongs takes me to that time again..
great post Tamara :)

Tamara said...


Glad you liked it : )


I'm glad too : )


Thanks : ) in research I think they proved that smell is even a stronger reminder than songs : )

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

hey :D glad u enjoyed the tag

There are even some perfumes that even though I love I cannot use, because they are the smell of someone else ! it just does not work.

very true! i find everyone has a signature perfume, and a distinctive personal scent too.. if i smell my signature perfumes on others in my close circle, i wont use em! lol


Tamara said...


Thanks for the tag : )

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Nice :)

Tamara said...


Thanks : )

poetic muslim said...

omg sis , like evrything you mentioned is their is me , lol I absolutely love ppls uniques smell , freshly smelled cleaned clothes , coffee is a very seductive smell , you just wnt 2 keep on smelling it .