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Monday, November 26, 2007



I was walking yesterday with hubby in down town Amman. We always have great fun there, this time more than ever I noticed my fear of stepping on manholes! Strange I knew that but there is no place in town like down town with the number on manholes! It sounds silly but I innately avoid stepping on manholes. I remember as a kid we heard a lot of stories of kids falling in a manhole and I guess it got stuck with me. Come think of it parents most likely made these stories up.

Thinking of the post I made a search about manholes and fear off, not to my surprise I found an article mentioning the fear of manholes, they even gave it a name MANHOLIA.

It’s a silly thing. It's not like I cannot make myself step on one. It's just that without thinking I avoid stepping on them.


Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

hehe.. i avoid them too..the first thing that comes on my mind when i see one is what if my heels get stuck in one of the small wholes of a manhole cover if any :) or i would fall in the second i step on it.. i think i heard a lot of stories reagrding that! :s

Anonymous said...

I tend to step away from the manholes when I walk, but I'm not that afraid of them. The interesting part is that I was walking once in downtown Amman and saw 5 manholes next to each other! I couldn't think of a reason why you would have 5 next to each other. Manhole meeting?

Sam said...

i avoid them at all cost too....i even avoid stepping on those holes with bars and u can see that is only few inches deep..but annoying kids love stepping on those and it scares the heck out of me..

Tamara said...

Mrs. alramahi

I guess that make sense ! heals could easily get stuck I agree, well I would say even though the probability of something happening is low but better safe than sorry ; p


tell me about it, I noticed when I was trying to avoid one manhole that could not because there were several of them in very close proximity ! I guess there a lot of those manhole meetings going around down town : )


I bet your kids see how afraid you get and that makes them want to setp on them more : D

Mais said...

i avoid them too :) just like Mrs. Al Ramahi said..i worry that my heels will stuck in them and i'll fall on my!

Tamara said...


we all have our reasons : )

Anonymous said...

you know what they remind me of?! IT, the movie! :$

Tamara said...


Welcome to the corner : ) thanks for coming by.