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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tamara in the kitchen

Tamara in the kitchen

Yesterday was yes the election day ( AKA holiday), but also known as my first day to cook in my new home. My mother in law is so sweet and is keeping us in a prolonged honey moon and thus she still cooks for us.

So yesterday since I was at home I decided I will cook for every one. The dish of the day was ' Kabseh" I know how to cook a great kabseh, but this is not a cooking post it’s a Tamara cooking post.

As you will notice at first I had time to take photos of the steps of cooking, but as time went by and my rusty skills stood in the way, I forgot to take at least one photo of the end Product! Cooking something that takes a lot of preparation time, Calls for special kitchen time management, and business planning skills that in my case have become so rusty.

Well at least the end product was yummy !every one enjoyed it and I passed the cooking test with flying colors, did not pass my blogging about cooking test though, but I'm sure there are many other occasions to come.

Happy elections\ cooking day!


Anonymous said...

تمارا يا عروستنا الحلوة .. الجاج ما بينحط هيك بالمي مع البصل!
بدك اوّل شي تقلّي البصل مع شوية زيت و ملح و بهارات الطبخة.. بعدين بتعطّي الجاج معاه يتشوّح شوي صغيرة .. بعدين بتزيدي عليهم المي و بتخلّي الجاج لحد ما يستوي

و يعطيكي الف عافية.. انا متأكّد انه اكلك بيجنن .. لأنه نفسك طيّبة

و صحتين على قلب الجميع

Maioush said...

Bravo Tamara :) ... if i can survive in the kitchen anybody can :D
ma azkaha 7amatek, she cooks for u :D

Tamara said...


Thanks for the tip ! I do that with meat did not know we can do that with chicken too, hmm will try it and let you know.


Thanks : ) yeh 7amati is great I did not dream of such a good mother in law, al7amd lilah

Mimi Cooks said...

Tamara, nice post about you takes so much organization to document your recipe steps in pictures or video...ask me!! it takes me longer to cook when i videotape or shoot pictures of my recipes...will be doing it today!

Tamara said...

Cooking the easy way

Welcome to the corner : ) I know that all so well now ! hope in the coming days I will do a better job document my cooking, my mom made me a great book of her best recipes that she gathered over the years, I would like to have an e-cook book for my kids with photos and stuff, but I need a lot practice to get to the cooking and the documenting. wish me luck :)

Rambling Hal said...

Hehehehhee, it's true, your swimming chicken looks kinda scary, bas I'm so proud of you that you COOKED!!!

3o2bali :(

Tamara said...


Welcome to the corner : )

I know its kinds creepy : ) anyway I enjoy cooking its that I did not do it in the last few years. you should try it some time

Anonymous said...

walla law ti2ta3i rasi ma bakol one bite of that chicken..with all do respect that is.

of course I'm not much of a taster either,any cook can impress me with the standing spoon in rice trick,you know when they stick the spoon in the middle and tchi-ching its stands!

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

wow! good for you! you made kabsah all by yourself :) post your recipe! my mother in law cooks for us 99% of the time ! and she is an amazing cook! i cook occasionally, although i enjoy it big time! :)