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Tuesday, December 11, 2007



We humans dwell the earth for some decades, some of us longer than others. Leaving footprints behind us, Legacies if you wish, some last as long as we are there to refresh them, and some linger for a very long time, even turning into a path that many people take.

Have you ever looked at footprints of someone and were able to relate to that person. I came across footprints of an amazing man, seeing glimpses of his heart and mind, last night as I went through some of his collections, going through pages he went through so long ago, looking at the treasures he gathered in his short years, I somehow related to him. Felt his existence so strongly and profoundly, that I felt I have met him.

He lived a little over four decades but left footprints that some try to measure up to, some like me just try to learn and relate, see I did not have the chance to meet my father in law, he died twenty five years ago. In some way I feel that I'm starting to get to know him. May Allah bless his soul.


That Guy said...

I believe in collective consciousness; that me and you and even this guy you're talking about are connected on some level that we don't understand. Perhaps you got close to this when you took a long look at their legacy and history. :-)

Tamara said...

That guy

Welcome to the corner : )

Well I'm not sure about the collective consciousness. but I think you can get to know someone from their legacy, and thus the post

Qwaider قويدر said...

May he rest in peace.
I'm sure he is feeling better now, wherever he is because he gained a new daughter that will generate so much sympathy and supplications for him. Ra7mat Allah 3alaih.
According to quantum mechanics, knowledge is never lost, he will be remembered, his legacy will continue through out the universe until the whole universe is gone

Anonymous said...

allah yer7amo.. it's amazing how we human beings relate to events & people during our lives... you made me reconsider the whole purpose of me being "extra" nice - menshan yathkoroni bel kheir ;)

Maioush said...

Allah yer7amo, i can totally relate to that. i never knew my grandfather, but he left us a treasure that will be carried with us for years and years, he is always remembered, and i do feel like i know him, lived with him , talked to him
Allah yer7amhom kolhom

Tamara said...


Thank you for the sweet words, as I get to know him more and more I pray for him more, sob7an Allah I have never met him, but he is always around.


Consider this, your grand children years after you pass away can read your blog when you were their age and see how similar they are to their grandmother : )


Allah yer7amhom jami3an, there are a lot of people who just leave such a good memory that they live even longer than their years.

Maher said...

Allah yer7amo..ammeen!

its amazing how some people do all they can to learn from there beloved ones.
you are a nice person Tamara. Someday people will look out for you the same thing you are doing right now..

Tamara said...


Thanks for the sweet words, bs ba5af asade2 3anjad : D I hope I could be that person.

Sam said...

that is a very a very sweet post...allah yer7am your FIL...
i got to know my grandfather through his book collections,the little journals he kept here and there..and all the good things my mother and the rest of the family said about him....i think your your footprints start to fade when people stop remembering you, no doubt a famous person's legacy lasts for a very long time...but for the average person our legacy dies with the last person who knows about us, i may talk to my kids about my grandfather.......but really his legacy will not last beyond 1-2 more generations...and then he will be all the others before him...ok i know im not making sense...i have had my coffee yet:p

Tamara said...


Allah yer7amhom jami3an

I guess we don't live forever and our memory can't live for ever

Mala2e6 said...


may his soul rest in peace

i know what you mean,although i dont like to follow anyone but some footsteps are hard to ignore

great post tamtam

Led Zeppelin said...

RIP 7ama tamara.

Tamara said...


Thanks : ) I agree some footsteps are hard to ignore