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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thoughts of the weekend

Thoughts of the weekend

To what end will we go to look good, how much pain will we endure? And how much money will we pay?

Why are all the beginnings scary?

Could we get so hurt, to the level that we get scared of happiness or the chance of happiness?

Sometimes silence is more profound than all the words in the world.

Matchmaking is fun : )


Anonymous said...

Matchmaking is fun LOOOOOOOL! Ok, try to hook me up & you'll repent ;p

Tamara said...


It is fun for me and hubby, don't know how much fun it is to the recipient of our services though : )

Anonymous said...

Tamara..I need your address NOW!
You're just a beautiful soul who'd like to see people happy :)

Tamara said...


Send me an email : D Thanks for the sweet words

Anonymous said...

Tamara, I just saw your comment at Q' habeebti, you have a great blog and heart and I forget to visit!!

God bless you today. :)

Tamara said...


thanks for the sweet words, I did not realize that I sounded that pathetic : (

Note to self: don't comment on blogs while sick

Led Zeppelin said...

wallahi I have no idea what your on about.
But I know thats the street ili binafed 3ala sinbad gas station is it not?

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

'To what end will we go to look good, how much pain will we endure? And how much money will we pay?'

emotional pain hurts more when ur not looking the way u feel..

and lol @ matchmaking is fun! i have to agree with 'the caller' ur just an adorable person who wants to spread happiness :) bless u and urs tammour :hug:

Tamara said...

Mr. anonymous

Well sir you are right! its the same street, that's the view from my living room


I guess this is why we endure so much so we look the way we feel : ) but some people go over board.

Thanks for the sweet words : )