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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things can only get better

Things can only get better

They say once things reach rock bottom they can only get better, well I sure hope they are right. Sine I feel very sad and angry!! and all the anger and frustrated thinking left me with no energy. Funny how I had in the past month great and happy things to blog about yet I did not have the time. Now that I'm feeling down I'm making the time.

It seems that the long weekend came just in time, I have some files ready to take home and work on, but I'm really tempted to leave every thing at the office, and just kick back and relax! I think that will clear my mind and I might even change my mind about resigning. but I just can't think straight now,the thing is the only thing I can think of now is that I need a hug and a nap.

So what does rock bottom look like?


Qwaider قويدر said...

Rock bottom is a real place Tamara, many people mop down there for years. But really, we need to kick that place and rise up.

Don't be sad, don't be upset, take the time to relax. Leave the work, at work and go home to your lovely husband where you will have a wonderful hug and nap in the security of your own home.

It's frightening for me to see you this sad. You're a beacon of positive energy, so don't you stop shining.

Good luck my dear

Maioush said...

things like this happens Tamara, but again, things will be better inshalla.
just take you time to relax, don't stress yourself out over work, leave work at work.
hope you fell better soon!

Anonymous said...

They will only get better..!! I had the worst yet best November ever.. imagine? all the good and bad happened in that month.. but come to think of it, the bad happened only to be followed by the good. Sometimes bad things happen, only to make you appreciate what you have more.. :)

Led Zeppelin said...

Life is full of ups and downs lady, whatever pulls you to the bottom kick it away and hang on to what pulls u up,if you look closely you will find many to grab on to. Rocket it up lady!

by the way,tzakartek the other day at the intersection near ur home,next time I'm there I'll give u a cheer up peep! if you hear a bunch of peeps,it's probably my car breaking down again..

Tamara said...


Thanks for the warm feelings, I'm feeling a lot better now, Al7amd Lilah, I guess I wrote what I wrote when I was feeling really down.


I wish I can leave work at work, I did take it home but did not touch it ..Yet !


Welcome to my corner : )you are right the bad things help us appreciate the good we have in our lives.


You are right, but some times we just get stuck up in the moment.

Thanks for the cheer beeps in advance : )

Ammar said...

Hi Tamara, and thanks for checking on me, I actually just wrote something.

now..rock bottom looks different to different people, your rock bottom might be someone else's highest peak, so put things in perspective, and try to climb out that rock bottom..who knows, it just might be inches low, when you really think of it.

take care.

Tamara said...


I did check what you wrote and comented there.

Thanks for the encouraging words, see it also depends on the day, today I see what I thought was a catastrophe as an opportunity, lets hope its the latter : )