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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jordan Land of contradictions

Jordan land of contradictions

In answering the call for the blog about Jordan day, here I am blogging about Jordan ! even though I'm in so much pain due to the muscle spasm in my back, so it might be the pain killers talking : )

I have felt for a while that Jordan is full of contradictions, which actually gives it its distinct taste. We all can think of a million examples, but last weekend I was just put face to face with it.

Friday morning hubby and I went to "Ghamadan" park because hubby had a softball game, did you know Jordan has a softball league? You will see there people from the upper class enjoying a game they probably came across, by being abroad for part of their lives. Expensive cars, a LOT of airheads, but I have to admit a lot of fun !

Saturday, I was on a trip with another lady and two of the guys who volunteer with us at Life Makers, we had a scheduled visit to the families who applied for micro project funding from us. We saw poverty; we saw perseverance, dignity and hospitality.

It is amazing how our society has the rich, who in most cases do not know of the existence of the poor. I bet if I asked one of the ladies at the softball game: can you buy an outfit for the game for JOD 65? I will bet anything that they will say: well a top maybe but an outfit I don't think so (giggles). Well why JOD 65? Because that is how much the widow we met on Saturday has as income to support her four daughters.

The list of contradictions is long, but this touched me profoundly, how we can spend in one night out, more than a family spends in a month. I guess this might be true every where in the world, but it sadness me that this is true in Jordan, and that most of us are oblivious to the fact.

lend us a helping hand !


Anonymous said...

Please delete the previous comment it points people to a spyware/virus site.

Jordan is really the land of contradictions, there are certainly things that can be improved and we are all hope that we will do it.

yaser said...

hi Tamara,
it is my first time here and I was intrigued by your intersting remarks , keep up what your good work in helping those people in need..:)

Mala2e6 said...

tamtam i always think of this,how some people spend hundreds of JDs on stupid things while others starve.

and with the new prices..the gap will be wider.

btw i hate dealing with these stupid women..silly and selfish.tell them i said that :D

kinzi said...

Tamara! A softball wife! How did I miss THAT??? My hubby isn't playing this year, but we may come to the championships Friday...what team should we cheer on? :)

MommaBean said...

The perfect picture to illustrate the contradiction. It does happen the world over, but the contrast is rather more marked here in Jordan... Great post, thanks.

Maioush said...

i agree that there are a lot of things needs to be improved on Jordan, and allow me me to say.. perfect choice for the picture! :)

Anonymous said...

Contradicting it is. Jordan holds a broad and vast variety of people leading lives of different religions, cultures, and classes but all in the end comes down to one Jordan... In hope for a better Jordan. As good as it is in our hearts:) Beautifully written Tamara!

Tamara said...


Thanks for the tip I deleted it !

I'm optimistic we can make a difference.


Welcome to the corner : ) Thanks for the kind words


I always think of it as well, but even I sometimes over spend, its not easy to remember the needy all the time, but when we do we have to something about it.


Hubby joined at the end of the season, he used to play before. he and some friends are putting together a team for next season would you hubby be interested ?


WOW great to see you here ! I'm glad you liked the post


Thansk dear I agree, this is a pic I took last year almost had an accident making the shot : p


Thanks, I agree that it is this mixture that makes Jordan special and home for so many, but we need to look after one another.

Hani Obaid said...

Back when I had back pain, I used a medicine called Naproxen, which was so powerful it killed the pain, but it also makes you feel detached and numb. It only treats the symptoms.

The cure was as soon as the initial onset of pain is taken care of, to exercise. At the very least walking. Comfortable shoes are very important. No heels!


Tamara said...


Welcome to my corner : ) thanks for the advice you are so right. especially about the heels !