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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Too many means too little

Too many means too little

Too many things going on that is, lead to too little blogging ! It has been a long while, and though I would have given any thing at many points, just to pose life for a second and take time to write. Alas I was not able to ….now I'm just not moving from here until I write a post !

So here are the things that are going on:

1- Power battles in the corporate world. Using weapons on mass control like titles and org charts! Modern day territory marking

2- Travel, I was on a business trip to Syria, it was loads of fun and I managed to squeeze in some work : )

3-Hubby finally got to understand what I mean when I say I'm moody

4- I found out that my life would be a lot better if I learn how to be more patient!

There are lot of other events, some happy ..some sad, and each of the points above need a post on its own, but we must make the best with what we have.


Anonymous said...

Moody .... ya mama !! :(

Tamara, you're not too moody .. sa7? You seem to be nice, consistent and wise. More than you seem to be moody...

Anonymous said...

we miss you sweet words Tamara.. i'm glad you had fun in Syria :)

Anonymous said...

it is always nice to read your posts :)

glad u had fun in Syria :)

فواز مبارك البوعينين said...

Dear Tamara
Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the next moment . and some time there is no way to skip from sadness but as you say we have to learn how to be more patient.
It’s good to know that you got nice time in your business trip to Syria.
Be happy and enjoy your life Tami

Fawaz Al-Buainain

Tamara said...

Q...Well I try not to be but I have my moments : )


Thanks, hope I can blog more soon : )


Thanks dear


Welcome to the corner : ) patience is very key, and I need to learn a lot in that area !